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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


6/15/2002 11:27:07 PM
Sinfully cute. I feel the need to burn pseudo-artwork again. Gah.

My grandpa and his wife arrived here yesterday afternoon. With no forewarning at all. They're still here. They'll be here until Monday, I fear. I don't like these old strangers being in my house.

Don't get me wrong. I have respect for old people. They aren't dead yet. It's impressive. But -anyone- who drops in, unannounced, for no reason, with not even the vaguest hint of forewarning, that is just plain rude.

We barely even -know- these people. Yes, he's my dad's father, and yes, she's his wife, but I can count on my fingres the number of times I've actually met him, let alone her. Why do my relatives have to be crazy?

I have a french essay to write tomorrow, on love (how much cynicism and sarcasm can I fit into one little essay), and massive studying for biology final will continue. My brain hurts. And my eyeballs.

Technically, I'm done high school. It feels odd. And I know the summer's going to be hell. Constant nagging until I get a rob. Sigh.

"The school spirit is a ghost that will kill me if I disobey."

6/14/2002 07:50:51 AM
Today is my last day of high school. Blisssssssss.

And don't say a -thing- Stephen.

I have also managed to thoroughly addict Thea to Lois McMaster Bujold. I am very proud of myself. So proud, I shall do a happy dance!

~does happy dance~

Portfolio cover for french.

6/13/2002 10:19:08 PM
Second to last day of school. Madame's birthday, but had no pretty drawings for her. Sadness. She was happy to see me anyway though.

Stayed at school for lunch, and was rewarded by having Shelly wave her hands around rather wildly shouting "Cleavagecleaveagecleavage!!!" in immitation of our american biology teacher. It was fascinating.

In other news: I am dark, brooding, and evil. Yet I never swear. Therefore, I earned myself chocolate today by saying things like "Cunt" and "Mind fuck!" and other more complex profanities.

I got 84.5% on my C30 final. 90% average, baby!

6/13/2002 07:26:37 AM
Sometimes Ko-sama scares me. But if you scroll down past all the tests, you should see an incredibly hot and sexy coloured picture of Karen. Mmmmm. S'nice.

And thank you, Meimi. ~hugs~ Hope things calm down for you. Stupid American school systems.

6/12/2002 07:44:09 AM
Gah . . Final . . . ~falls into twitching coma-like state~

6/11/2002 09:23:30 PM
Stop being evil! Damn art wenches.

6/11/2002 07:36:27 PM
Write my Math C30 final tomorrow. Math C30 is basically geo-trig, I think, plus proofs. I'm rather awful at it.

Here's hoping I survive. My eyeballs are burning. Sugar high. Whee!

6/10/2002 10:11:49 PM
I would just like to reiterate the fact that I heart bell-sama to pieces for sending me the Duklyon drama tracks for my birthday.

Yamaguchi Kappei . . .

6/10/2002 09:20:24 PM
Ko-sama does the -pretties- layouts. And I've never even -seen- Evangelion. What? I live in the middle of nowhere and I've only been into anime for a couple years. So sue me. Or blame my pimps.

So does Kurot-sama. And just lookat the cute wittle Neko!Kamui. Mmm. Neko!Kamui . . .

And Meimi's Evil(TM). Here I am, innocently trying to study for Wednesday's math final, and I quite naively go to see journal, and there's a bunch of links to sites with Japanese fanart (one of them even had Gohou Drug fanart). That's just -evil- and distractionary. Not to mention the manga you're going to have up soon, right Meimi? ~puppy eyes~ Anyway, it's quite evil. And no, just because I happened to be browsing through blogs and things doesn't mean I was already distracted. Shuttup.


Updated First Love with some sketches. Very proud of the Hikaru ones I did without any references at all during french class. Look! Hands! Sort of.

Want to draw something for Madame's birthday on Thursday, but what with the final and other things and all, doubt I'll be able to do anything nice enough to ink, or ink anything very well at all. Perhaps I'll just collect all the sketches I make until her birthday and ask her if she'd like them.

And yes, I'm allowed to delude myself into thinking I'm getting better. You go away now.


Thea got a car. I'm calling it Car-san, although it's name may be changed to Babylon or Miles. This means nothing to anyone, except that she'll be able to come visit hopefully soon. Poign!

6/9/2002 09:06:38 PM
I'd like new furniture for my room, and to take with me when I move. My computer chair (my only chair) is incredibly hard and probably not very good for my anything, even if it is black. My computer desk is really just some scraps of wood and with plywood smacked on them put together by my dad. My dressers drawer-bottoms are falling out. My bed is slanted, besides being slightly younger than my parents. My mattress is not a nice mattress, and has sharp wires poking out that tear my sheets.

I'd like for Keiichi to have a better CPU, even if it means sacrificing the incredibly cute and genki cover. A better, bigger one that can fit another harddrive, and functioning, high speed cd rom drives and writers.

I'd like a PS2 and some nice RPGs to play on it. And a N64 so I can play the Zelda games Guthrie never let me play.

I'd like a life. I'd like friends. I'd like talent.

But I wouldn't give a flying fuck about it if I could just not worry about paying for six plus years of university, living expenses, and own a cat.

This is all Nelligan's fault. Damn schizophrenic dead french poets.

6/9/2002 08:12:17 PM
The thing I hate about writing in french is that my grammar skills are quite atrocious, and I have to spend about half an hour strugglign with grammertik to get my paper in something resembling order. I need to do more recreational reading in french. This is just not fun.

6/9/2002 07:45:04 PM
I think I should stab a sword through my stomach and down into my uterus. That`ll teach it to be painful while I`m trying to analyse the poetry of a dead schizophrenic frenchman.