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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


5/23/2002 07:02:02 AM
This would be crack. If, you know, I hadn't had similar thoughts before. Although I admittedly didn't get mine set to music. Darn.

5/23/2002 06:57:14 AM
84% on the biology quiz. Calculus quiz - urp. Did okay on my trig test. Hmhm.

Got a job for a couple days working at a petting zoo. Only negative is it goes pretty much all night. I'll miss you, Keiichi-kun. ~hugs monitor~ Still, it's eight dollars an hour, which is a bit above minimum wage, and it's work with animals. I like animals. ^_^

This does mean, though, that reviews and things for Logic and Chaos'll be a while. I've got two chapters of Potter still to do, and hopefully I'll have finished my reread of Barrayar before next week. Patience is a virtue, my darlings. Which you'll definitely have to cultive (JinxercoughJinxer) in the next little while 'cause I've still got three weeks of school left to go. And in a week or two I'll be writing my math final, which is before the other ones by a couple weeks. Of course, after I write the final, I'll have a spare at the end of every day so . . . who knows. ^_^

5/22/2002 05:29:06 PM
Everyone, go and worship.

That makes me almost want to rewatch the X movie again.

Correction - it makes me want to go and rent the crappy dubbed version I know is sitting in Tramps and watch -that-. So gaaaaay.

5/22/2002 07:38:01 AM
Two tests today. Bio and calculus. The bio one doesn't actually matter, because it's not for marks, but I don't want to do crap on it either. That'd disapoint Mister Helm.Calculus test on the other hand . . . ugh. Trig is the offspring of Satan and the bubonic plague.

On the bright side, with two tests today, I doubt that homework will be existant tonight. Hopefully I can do the hour of writing Thea says I have to do (half an hour every day, but I missed yesterday, due to chaos, tests, and piano), and then make Jinxer a happy puppy by reviewing the next two chapters of Potter. Although she'll be less happy if I can work in some negative comments about Draco.

I need new batteries. The only ones I have are in Neville, and I'm bringing him to school today, so I don't go insane studying for calculus in the utter silence (or utter -lack- of silence, ugh). And I need to defrag Keiichi someday soon. Poor thing. He's been neglected somewhat awfully lately.

And I keep remembering I have the last, um, six or so episodes of X to watch. I really do want to finish watching, even though I know most fans want to see the heads of everyone involved on pikes after however they ended the series. I personally gave up hope when they couldn't even get Nokoru in the series, let alone Keiichi. Shame on them. Probably won't get time to until after finals. Maybe I can try and sl0re Thea on X if she comes down around that time . . .

5/22/2002 06:49:55 AM
I have got to stop misplacing my comb. I shouldn't have to spend ten minutes every morning looking for it.

Sure, it's not neon pink and doesn't dance and sing and jump up and down, but that's no reason to misplace it.


Bored in French

5/19/2002 11:25:06 PM
Heh well, I always loved the Willow/Tara relationship, 'cause that was the season I started watching regularly . . . She really came into her own this season. So tragic . . . But Warren's death was excellent. I would have felt slightly better about it, and the build up to it (with the girl he murdered and everything) was exquisite. But yeah, Vampish-Willow=Bad. "Bored now." I just about cried. Tara would Not Approve.

Despite the whole awful sadness of the entire episode, I did nearly burst out laughing when Warren was talking to the evil warlock drug pimp. It was sort of a mocking of all the speculation about this season's Big Bad, and at the same time, a sort of tipping of the hat, acknowledging the fans who knew the Trio -weren't- the ultimate evil. Although Warren . . . ~sighs~ Still, sad about Jonathan. Poor little guy. I still think he'd make one hell of a Miles Naismith Vorkosigan. Not -Jonathan-, but his actor.

In other pointless news - finally managed to download some slight more obscure Digimon Tamers MP3s - Hirokazu's image song '"Hero" Kazu no Rock'n'Roll' just makes me grin way too much.

5/19/2002 10:46:11 PM
Mm. Updated First Love with some new sections and stuff. Was actually rather relaxing, the pointlessness of it all.

Saw the last episode of the X-Files. It was a cop out, of course. I missed some bits, but there definitely wasn't that revealing "Ah, the truth" sensation to it that there should have been. Chris Carter should have quit four years ago or so, when he was still ahead. And I'll never forgive the cancellation of the Lone Gunmen. However, Mulder did have Krycek hallucinations. And hallucinations of all the Gunmen.

Man, I'm pissed I missed the entire episode, even if it probably sucked even more trying to follow it. Lots of flashbacks. Pretty much every character who's ever had anything to do with the conspiracy was there. Marita, X, Krycek, the Gunmen, a mutilated Spender, Cancer Man (with a hole in his throat), that chess playing kid from several season finales back . . .

Damn Duchovny and his titanic ego. That show was great once. It was never the same after the movie.

5/19/2002 09:42:16 PM
Me alphabatized links. So bored. So very very bored. Everyone who I usually talk to, but for whatever reason have decided not to be on, leaving me alone? You all suck. Nyah.

Added links to Ko-sama and Kurot-sama's blogs. Pretty pretty art.

Like the new Keiichi-wallpaper. It's yellow. And big. I can see it from my bed. Nice. Genki.

5/19/2002 06:32:22 PM
Wah! Tara layout! Meimi, you are my goddess. That's so beautiful! Tara . . . ~whimpers~ Warren deserves what he got, the little bastard. Poor Tara . . .

5/19/2002 12:55:15 PM
Oh, for pity's sake. I haven't even -started- my job, and I've already probably lost it. God, God, I don't need this right now. I really don't.

I have a test on trigonometric functions Tuesday in Math C30, a test on the circulatory, excretory, respiratory, and digestive systems in Biology 30 Wednesday morning, a test in calculus involving all the uses of trignometry . . .

And now my parents are going to be harping me on about getting some thrice-cursed job as a fscking cashier or working at a hellpit of a fast-food restaurant.

I can work with computers, type a hundred words a minute on average, have my own god damn brain, and haven't any bloody people skills. I may not think highly of myself, but I am -not- doing some mindless grunt work. I'd rather live in a box on the street. Which, is what's going to end up happening.

Bloody hell, I can't deal with this . . .

5/19/2002 12:06:26 AM
Gave Jinxer a preview of the five pages for the next part of Life that I wrote. She hates me now. I feel powerful!