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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


5/9/2002 10:16:55 PM
Oh, and I haven't seen my mother since 7:30 this morning. She and Dad went to some dinner ceremony thing and SIAST around five. They should really be back by now.

Boy, day, do I ever fucking love you and can't wait for you to end.

Hopefully when I wake up tomorrow morning, my parents will be back.

5/9/2002 10:06:40 PM
Got 94% on my biology test.

In other news, if I don't start getting calculus within the next few days, I'm either going to have a nervous break down in class and thoroughly ruin my reputation for being an unemotional bitch, or I'm going to so some serious mutilation to my arms. Or kill someone. I'll burn that bridge when I get to it.

5/8/2002 09:53:17 PM
As soon as I posted the previous entry, the ladybird climbed onto my hand. Then it flew away.

5/8/2002 09:51:49 PM
There's a ladybird on my mousepad. I'm worried about crushing it.

Jinxer thinks my writing is sickening. Go me.


Calculus makes me want to cry.


I miss Bell and Kate-chan.

5/7/2002 09:37:55 PM
Don't worry, Kate-chan. It's perfectly normal. I've always been a very angry, angry person. You'd never know it to meet me. I'm a great believer in the supression of emotions.

Which doesn't mean I don't want to kill most of the people I know. It just means I won't.


Although all you really have to do to kill someone is punch them in the nose in just the right way, break it, and make sure you punched hard enough for bone fragments to imbed themselves in the brain.

Not that I have issues, or anything.

I'm bitter and have a short fuse and get really pissed off at people for being stupid, for making fun of me, for not even trying to understand my dislike of socializing, for not appreciating me, for not recognizing me for the genius that I am.

Okay, that last one is total bs, since I'm more or less dumb as a post as far as I and the rest of the multiverse is concerned. Nevertheless, the rest applies.

5/7/2002 09:33:02 PM
French - boring boring boring. My god, could we have a crappier book to read? Also, the sub looked like Riley (Marc Blucas) from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Biology - test. I finished before the bell. As always. Um. Byrophyte Life Cycle? Shit. Sixty one multiple choice questions, twenty points for the phylogenic tree of kingdom animalia, ten points for the phylogenic tree of kingdom plantae, and ten points for the afore mentioned byrophyte life cycle.

Got letter saying I'm great from Madame Donahue. I like letters telling people I'm great. Am now ready to hand in scholarship application for CPF, that I have no hope of getting. Go me!

Janel's pissed off at grad. Yay! Join me and my anti-grad brigade! Wage war against the pucks.

Note - Pucks are in no way related to the wonderful Puck, aka Robin Goodfellow. Pucks are girls in high school/university (I think) who sleep with hockey players. And only hockey players. And many many hockey players. There ends your lesson in high school Canadiana for today.

Calculus - sucks. Sucks. Sucks. Sucks. Anyone want to give me help with derivatives of trignometric functions? Please?

C30 - getting better. I think I'm behind. Not good.


I'm regretting getting Jinxer into Boy Meets Boy. She won't stop saying Shibby.

Did some sketching. It sucks mightily, but what else is new.


Reviewed chapter seven of Potter. Check out Logic and Chaos.

5/6/2002 09:50:08 PM
I thought one of us should have a link somewhere to Logic and Chaos. So, now one of us does. Go me, with my m4d procrastinating skillz.

5/6/2002 09:43:20 PM
I have a biology test tomorrow. Kingdom Animalia and Plantea.

I really should have studied with more, um, attention. But I can't. I spent most of the afternoon wanting to punch something. I really really miss karate. If I had karate, I could have gone to the dojo tonight and beaten the crap out of a punching bag.

I want a punching bag.

I do get to write another story about Kitto for French, which is fun . . . Wonder if Monsieur Bowden'll pick up on the gay this time. It's really rather obvious in a language with masculin and feminine pronouns but . . .

And if one more person gives me grief about not being an out-going socializing person, I will rip them a new one. I don't care who they are. See, I have this health thing called asthma that's uncontrollable. And it tends to kick in when I get overemotional. Really upset, really happy, really excited . . . Don't get me started on laughter. It's a killer. One of my main reasons for avoiding large gatherings of people. I do find them energizing, but bloody hell, the last time I had a birthday party (two years ago) I ended up having a damn asthma attack. Also, I hate watching movies in theatres. Hate it. Hate it. Too many people and way, way, way too loud. I have sensitive ears. I haven't killed them by years of too-loud bad music. I don't want to kill them going to a film. I mean, jeez, I didn't go to Lord of the Rings. I'm not going to spit out however much it is now to go to the Spiderman movie.

Even if it did bitchslap Harry Pothead out of the number one earnings place. You go Spidey!

Speaking of which, when things calm down and I feel like focussing my attention on things that aren't school related, I'm going to tear up two more chapters of The Chamber of Secrets for Logic and Chaos.

I hope you realize what this means, Jinxer. It means, oh, about a hour when I could be writing, um, anything else, and am instead devoting to saying rude things about Draco Malfoy.

I don't mind. It's relaxing. ^_^

5/5/2002 10:46:41 PM
Blog? Don't be an ass.

5/5/2002 10:45:43 PM
Bell chased the three-headed monkey! Yay! Everyone else has been ignoring it. It was starting to feel bad. ~sniffs~

And I would never, ever pop Keiichi's head off. That's a special treatment reserved for Harry Potter lego.


And I spent way too much time reading webcomics today and not nearly enough time working on scholarship applications. Damn.

And my dad sucks and I really wish he would stop trying to embarass me infront of people by mentioning my interest in anime.

Stupid Dad.

Happy birthday to him anyway. Stupid forty-eight year old dad.