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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


4/27/2002 11:49:45 PM
Am tired. Ate lots of chocolate. Chocolate good.

Tomorrow is Sundae Sunday. Yay!

4/27/2002 03:26:26 PM
I need a new toy. Or, at least, I could have used a new toy Friday. I've done nothing much beyond kick my heels and be hopelessly bored this weekend. Sigh.

4/27/2002 03:01:02 PM
Ano . . . Every time Katelynne-usagi-chan makes a reference to me on her blog, I end up being hopelessly confused. Bah.

Have caught up with Hikaru no Go scans! Yay! Happy day!

4/26/2002 10:27:53 PM
My entire family should be in therapy.

4/26/2002 05:59:38 AM
Urp, gomen Kate-chan.

4/25/2002 09:19:53 PM
Ow. Meimi? My sympathies on the history paper. I've had english teachers like that. Examples? B+ on a paper because it was five pages long (it was on Alexander the Great) and some serious docking of marks in grade eleven english because I started sentence off with a quotation.

Teachers either hate smart students, or kiss their feet and worship them. Generally, if they're stupid, it's the former.

Good luck on your costume, anyways! ^^

4/25/2002 09:05:03 PM
Oh yes - watched Six Feet Under today. Someone died of autoeroticasphyxiation. And all I could think of was back in grade eight, when my dad and I watched Clive Bruckman's Final Repose where Mulder's told he's going to die of autoeroticasphyxiation. And on the commercial I asked dad what autoeroticasphyxiation was. And he wouldn't tell me. And now I know why.

The rabbi who conducted the funeral was, I think, Hope, from Twitch City. Yay for a Canadian making it onto Six Feet Under! If she's in California though, getting bit parts on HBO series, does that ruin the chances of another season of Twith City? Damn.

4/25/2002 08:58:10 PM
Mother back from parent teacher interviews (and choir, but who cares about the little dictator).

Teachers Imperssions of Ingrid: Quiet. Doesn't talk much. Smart.

French Teachers impressions of Ingrid: Ready for university.

Monsieur Lachapelle's Impressions of Ingrid: Wasting time with classes, should be in university right now.

Monsieur Bowden's Impressions of Ingrid: Very, very, very quiet. Very good writer. Very talkative in private. Very much for the having fun torturing Tim with Stephen.

Mister Helm's Impressions of Ingrid: Quiet. Should smile more.

Mister Norri's Impressions of Ingrid: Quiet. Working hard. She knows Thea Sack? How does she know Thea Sack?

Sometimes (always) I'm glad I dont' go to Parent Teacher Interviews. My ego might actually exist if I heard people saying these things to my face. Of course, they probably wouldn't say it if I was there.

4/25/2002 08:31:11 PM
Snowed yesterday. Snowed yesterday a lot. Gone now, but it did snow.

I dissected my second squid yesterday and I dissected my first clam today. I also killed my first living organism larger than a bug with my bare hands. The best clams to dissect were the ones that were fresh, so there were some still alive in the bucket, and you'd pull them out of the bucket and stick them under hot running water to open them a bit, then jam your fingers between the gap and pull the two sides of the shell apart. Once the clam's been exposed to hot water and air, it's pretty much dead. I killed something. Yay me!

Other things? Um . . . nothing. I have a calculus test Monday, which I think I'm going to ace, as much as it is possible to ace a calculus test.

Might do my taxes this weekend. Technically, I don't have any taxes to do, since I've been unemployed for over a year but . . .

Also scholarship applications to fill out, might work on the play for french, um, may mail things (sorry for the delay on those books, Jinxer), wander by the library to get more fodder for Logic and Chaos, intend to work on transfering Six Feet Under onto tape, some more. Drive's getting kind of full on the satelitte receptor thing. Um, may buy luggage, long overdue, really.

I have no school tomorrow, and Guthrie does. That's probably when Six Feet Under transfering is going to occur.

4/24/2002 07:24:09 AM
Why does Guthrie play his music so damn loud? Why why why?! I can't even leave my room for fear of being defeaned, and I can hear it in here. Gah!

Must . . . soundproof . . . room . . .

Saw the picture of Subaru in this month's ASUKA. Me wants. I don't suppose someone (coughcoughbellcoughcoughcoughcough) would be willing to buy ASUKA and rip it out and mail it to me so I can put it up in my room? No? Damn you all then.

Mm. Hair.

4/23/2002 08:51:43 PM
Things of note.

I got 99% on my test on Le bourgeoise gentilhomme. Adrienne whines. A lot. We might actually get some work done if she would shut her stupid, self-absorbed mouth.

I got 95% on my genetics test. However, an aquaintance got 100%. I'm not jealous. But, Mister Helm did smile at me and told me I did a good job, so I may have gotten the highest mark out of those in my class (not that it's hard, brain dead morons).

Madame Donahue wasn't there today! No math help! AGH!

Mister Norris either things I'm very very stupid, or very smart and strange and hardworking. I got help from him for my C30 test.

Calculus sucks. Sketching the curves of graphs is easy, but very boring. I have a test on Thursday. Everyone but Stephen and Logan are smarter than me. Feel small.

Monsieur Lachapelle forgot I had a math test. Monsieur Bowden gave me his carrots. Monsieur Lachapelle got a test made up. I don't want to think about how I did.

It's -very- windy. It snowed this morning.

Dad got the MP3 player working on -his- computer. At least it works. It needs a name. Suggestions, anyone? I'm planning on naming my laptop (I will get one) Kentarou, and my car (I will get one) Subaru. And I already have Keiichi. Decisions decisions.

Almost done the writing portion of my french project. Huzzah.

I should fill out scholarship applications. Soon. Really.

I'm screwed and I know it and my mom is going to be pissed off as hell at me when I don't win a single schoalrship.

4/22/2002 09:40:15 PM
Have a math C30 test tomorrow. Seriously going to bomb, I think. Going to beg Madame Donahue on my hands and knees for help.

Have a French project due Thursday. Shitshitshitshit.

Piano tomorrow morning. I have -got- to start getting to bed earlier.

4/22/2002 12:13:47 PM
Finished The Subtle Knife today during first period. I'll probably write up the review for Logic and Chaos tonight. Whether I'll put it up is another matter, it's one of the books I sent Bell. I may save it. In a word: Cool.

There's nothing to eat in the house.

I need a new book to read, and I'm not sure which one I'll go with. I was thinking of doing Shards of Honour but . . . maybe something new. Or maybe reread some DWJ. Not sure.

4/22/2002 07:40:17 AM
I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that the dubbed voice of the villain in in the second Tokyo Babylon OAV was gay as gay could be. They go to all that trouble changing around the dialogue completely in the dub to hide the whole Seishirou-is-a-pervy-Subaru-stalker stuff (admittedly, not that evident in the OAVs, but still!) yet they go and cast such a hopelessly gay voice.

Having initially gotten the dubbed tape instead of the sub, then watching the sub several months later when Draco got it to me . . . Man, you aren't even watching the same video.


Four day week! Four day week! Four day week!

4/21/2002 09:58:31 PM
Oh yes, saw the X-Files tonight. It pretty much closed up all the loose ends left when The Lone Gunmen was cancelled. In fact, they did it quite neatly by killing all three gunmen. Carter? I'm not amused. Stupid shit like this is one of the reasons I stopped watching your show.

I -liked- the gunmen.

4/21/2002 09:00:26 PM
Mm. Long day. Guthrie's birthday, church stuff. Lots of church stuff. I should have done homework, but . . . didn't.

Had to clear tables at church dinner. But, I won some lovely tea things in the auction, so I'm happy. Big big big teacup and blueberry tea and green tea and a shiny new teapot. Yay!

Jinxer wants to lynch me.

4/21/2002 10:14:02 AM
Fio says I was far too gentle in my review of That book. If Jinxer ever subjects me to the next one, I'll try and keep a chapter by chapter commentary so I can be properly brutal.

4/21/2002 09:56:45 AM

Your inner child is the Toymaker (PIFA) --aloof, quirky and maniacal like a baroque timepiece-- so don't be surprised when all your cukoo clocks go off at once. Luckily, for the present, you have managed to siphon all of your weird-ass issues into some sort of outlet, so you're safe from the guys in skintight white jump suits.

The little baby working away inside of you functions because everything it has learned it learned itself-- without too much outside help. Because you were born being old, you are fixated on youth.

This inner child is common among people who use shiny objects, like serial killers and dentists.

4/21/2002 12:42:42 AM
Went to the post office to pick up my T1 form today. Big bugger, isn't it? Now, of course, the question is - do I really care enough to fill it out?

We finished Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone today. Check out Logic and Chaos for the review (read: rant).