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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


4/20/2002 01:24:33 PM
More DWJ news. Some concrete stuff on The Merlin Conspiracy. It's a Deep Secret "sequel" with Nick Mallory as a major character and it'll be out in about a year. April 2003, it's hoped. Apparently Diana can't get anyone to publish it earlier than that, which makes it sound like it's pretty much finished . . .

Optimistically, also expect the Ghibli to have Howl's Moving Castle out around that time, although from the sound of Diana's report, it's not a very likely thing.

Not that it matters because it certainly won't be showing in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Think my parents would consider it extravagent for me to fly to Toronto to see a movie?

On vaguely related news, Bell and I have a new toy. Logic and Chaos. Why not?

4/20/2002 10:26:30 AM
My brain's broken! ~wails~

Janet Chant

Time of the Ghost

If anyone can tell me what this says . . .

Or this one

I think this is Michael

And here's the main page. If there's anyone out there with a Japanese enabled browser and the power to read Japanese, do tell if there's any interesting toys.

This one is harder to navigate, but there seem to be some pictures of Howl and Chrestomanci and . . . doujinshi covers? I'm obscenely fascinated and disturbed. Bell, or anyone else in Japan, if you happen to come across DWJ doujinshi, you know you have to buy them for me, right?

Poking around a bit on mailing list digests - A Howl doujinshi. So, anyone want my soul? Please? Please? It's wrong wrong wrong for anything like this to exist for DWJ but still . . . Howl. Come on. How can you resist the temptation to at least poke about a bit . . . I think it's called Open the Door.

And yes, I know I'm dreamig to think I can ever get my hands on it. Shut up.

4/20/2002 12:40:20 AM
Well, Stephen's in exam hell until about tax day, so he won't be commenting on the whole friendly fire deal. And I'm too lazy. But I will provide a link to further proof that Bush is truly a fuckwit. We can call it George W. Bush is a Fuckwit.

4/20/2002 12:21:29 AM
Ingrid's Report Card!

Biology 30 - 94%

Calculus - 77%

Francais 30 - 90%

Mathematique C30 - 92%

I'm pleased.


Guthrie's having his birthday party right now. Teenage boys are very loud.

4/19/2002 11:53:43 PM
Wow. Just saw the list of the books nominated for the Hugo's best novel, and I've read half of them. Who to cheer for? I loved American Gods, Curse of Chalion was incredible, and Passage had me in tears. And who knows what the other books are like. It would be nice if Neil won, since Willis and Bujold both have multiple Hugos already. I'm bad at deciding between things. ^^;

Thank God one of Those books didn't get nominated this year.

It's movie did, but whatever. Once More, With Feeling, the musical Buffy episode, has also been nominated for best dramatic presentation. The other ones are pretty easy to guess at. And, almost certainly, Lord of the Rings is going to win. Whatever, eh? I've seen the Buffy episode, and I've seen Shrek. So . . . it's good, either way.

The other categories don't trigger anything in my memory.

All, of course, gleaned from Neil Gaiman's weblog.

4/19/2002 06:07:33 AM
Oh my. Someone really likes the layout you did, Meimi-san. ~flushes~ Thanks from Meimi, Ko-sama.

4/18/2002 09:43:53 PM
Quick notes before I go to bed - Meimi is my goddess.

Four Canadian soldiers killed, eight injured, all by American fire in Aghanistan. Hoping Stephen writes about this so I don't have to. Besides, the only comment I can think of is "So, which country spends billions of dollars on the military again?"

My Aunt Rhonddha is pregnant. Again. This'll be her third. It's going to be a boy. Not that they've had an ultrasound or anything. But it Will be a boy. Because I know these things. Trust me on this. It's a boy. My cousin Keegan wants to name it Superman.

Also got some more birthday money from Aunt Chris and Uncle Bill. And a truly hideous advertisment courtesy of Thea. Thanks, darling, I'll be sure to scan it in and put it up for all the poor people online to see.

I need sleep. And something to sleep -to-. God, I have been the walking dead lately.

Oh yes, I have a test on future simple and, um, some other weird french verbe tense tomorrow morning. Didn't study. Of course. Yay me!

Oh yes, thank you. Because it's nice to know there are people who'll randomly go "Yay" for me. ~grins~

Now if I could just get a scholarship.

Now, if I just had the self confidence to feel it's worth my time to go looking for scholarships . . .

4/18/2002 07:29:51 AM
WAIIIIIIII!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! Is a lovely layout, Meimi. All happy and sparkly and Ryuuichi-full. ~does a little dance~ Thank you!!!

4/17/2002 09:35:27 PM
I voted today. School board election. My mother made me. So I cast a vote to nullify my dad's. ^_^

4/17/2002 09:26:44 PM
You know why I really love Meimi's layouts? They're gorgeous and fancy and They. Work. In. Netscape. Perfectly. Yay for not anti-Netscape people with mad html skillz!

4/17/2002 09:21:33 PM
Ow. You poor dear. But at least you tried. You can't be blamed for people being total dumbasses. I suppose it's too much to hope that they were totally overwhelmed by the entirety of it and so intimidated that they didn't venture a comment? That's why -I- didn't really write up any thoughts on the ending, despite Bell's nagging . . .

Although they all deserve to have their asses kicked for not taking the tapes. Morons. If -I- were offered tapes . . . Mmm. Videotapes.

~kicks Keiichi gently~ Dear, would you please let the cd burner work?

4/17/2002 09:16:54 PM
Haven't gotten the biology test back yet. Maybe tomorrow. Mister Helm showed us skulls today. Woohoo! Beaver!

I also was dragged down to the office, more or less, and forced to have grad photos taken.

Good god, whoever designed those gowns are blind. Bloody ugly things. At least I didn't have to wear a dorky morterbord.

And the male photographer got very irritated because he kept telling me to smile and show my teeth, and well, it was dry, and so I'd show my teeth and every time I did, my tongue would dart out and lick my lips because they were cracking, and the bottom of my teeth. He took about three shots of me doing that. ^^;

They also apparently have this tradition of taking photos of the female students with truly hideous faux flowers. They tried to make me have my picture taken with them. I made my opinion on the subject -very- clear.

I believe those two photographers shall remember me . . . and laugh when they see the prints. Or wince.

That'll teach them to try and make me do useless overhyped crap.


Other news: finally accepted into university. Advanced acceptance, blah blah blah. Too late to apply for the Roberta Bondar scholarship though. Damn. They're doing it to screw with me.

I also got, um, an employment opportunity? I got a letter from a law firm asking me to work full time starting July second as a secretary or techie or something.

I like having connections. Sometimes good things just some to you.


Enjoying The Subtle Knife. Very adult. Not very emotional though. I'm not really involved in it. But Will is seriously cool for a twelve year old and Lyra's great.

4/15/2002 09:40:35 PM
My eyes are burning.

I have a biology exam tomorrow. Genetics.

I have piano lessons tomorrow. In the morning.

I don't get lunch tomorrow.

There was fifteen inches of snow in Edmonton today.


I need sleep.

I didn't study.

. . .

4/15/2002 06:00:53 AM
You didn't offend me - this is just why I never recommend books to anyone. No one ever seems to like them.


I want Chobits and Meimi's layout is drool-worthy, even if it is full of suspicious pinknses.

I don't eve know what Chobits is -about- except for computers and male fanservice.

But I still want it.

I also want Meimi's mad html skillz.

4/14/2002 07:45:34 PM
. . .

Um, I'm not really sure what to say. I'm wondering which book she gave you - I'm guessing Witch Week. Or Cart and Cwidder (even I didn't like that one the first time I read it, it left icky feeling). They're two of the weaker novels.

Maybe I'm just biased - I do worship Diana Wynne Jones like a goddess. I worship and grovel before The Eight Days of Luke and Archer's Goon. But, I also know that some people just don't like her books or her writing style. It's not for everyone. I know Jinxer says she's recommended DWJ to numerous people and maybe one in ten actually enjoy her.

So - I dunno. It's just a question of what gets you going. (Gah, that crappy Ontario commercial is on, I can't believe you haven't seen it, Stephen!) So . . . I don't know. I'm not sure what other things you've read, so it's not like I have any way to figure out your taste. Not that it would make any difference - Jinxer reads Mercedes Lackey and I haven't been able to stomach her for about five years now. So, who knows. Maybe you need a copy of Howl's Moving Castle or Deep Secret.


Anyone who's read some DWJ want to offer up suggestions?

And I still maintain that she's a better writer than Rowlings. I just don't -care- about Rowlings principle characters. Like Neville though.

And dear - watch what you say about my writing. Bloody hell, woman, do you want to give me an ego or confidence or something?