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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


4/6/2002 04:42:34 PM

What bishounen type is your favourite?

By ShoSen of Totally Kawaii!

Your favourite bishounen are a pleasant mystery. They're supportive, kind, fun, but usually with another side. These bishounen are always more than they appear. You must like depth.

Keiichi ^_^

4/5/2002 11:48:12 PM
So I'm feeling like hell. Heading to bed ebfore midnight and everything. Don't even fel like splurging on chocolate. Not even Mommo eggs.

Want to read, don't know what. Want to sleep, so badly.

Going to be up at seven tomorrow morning to watch Digimon - I really don't have a life.

Thea has exam upon exam so I don't think I'm going to be able to beg any help with optimization tomorrow or Sunday. And I have a test Wednesday. Or maybe even Tuesday. Please insert about fifty lines of your favourite swears about now. Thank you.

On the bright side - no church Sunday. SquashsquashSandy.

Fio's aunt is visiting for . . . far, far too long. If I weren't so damn tired, I might throw a tantrum.

4/5/2002 11:13:44 AM
Way more html done than I ever want to have to do in a simple text file again. But at least it's done, after having been hacked at since, um, September or so. Yup, the Great Startredder War Epic. w00t w00t blood w00t already.


Guthrie's plane did come in, he is back, he bought me a t-shirt from Planet Hollywood.

. . . Whatever.

His flight was delayed by two hours, though, so he didn't get in until after midnight. Air Canada, what do you expect?

Had a lovely visit with Thea, we went to the greatest Italian place a bit away from her apartment, and she gave me an onyx candle holder for my birthday. Is so pretty!

Bought a great big Laura Secord Cream Egg too. Mmmmmmmm. Laura Secord.


And I can't believe I didn't post this yesterday - came home from the library yesterday to fine a largeish parcel shoved into the mail box with purpleish grey fluff oozing from a corner. Tore it open to find a copy of Gohou Drug(!!!!!!!), a cd with three episodes of Angel on it (Doyle!), and the rest of Tokyo Babylon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I now have the entire series and am -very- pleased with myself.

Add to that the joy of listening to the absolutely wonderful Yamaguchi Kappei as Kentarou, and life is pretty damn good, even if I have to be babysitting in an hour. Everyone gushes over Koyasu Takehito, but I'd rather have Yamaguchi Kappei. He voices the kind of guys I like. At least, everything I've seen him in, he's been the kind of guy I like. Kentarou, Ryuichi, that cute guy in Zetsuai/Bronze who's name I can't actually remember at the moment ^^; . . . I've heard he was the seiyuu for Akira on the CCD drama albums. I haven't the words to explain how weird that is.

4/4/2002 10:29:04 AM

test by Leanne
which CCS character are you?

4/3/2002 08:59:42 PM
The novel DWJ's working on right now is called The Merlin Conspiracy. It makes me go all happy and wriggly at the thought. It conjures up images of lovely Arthurian stuff that appeals greatly to someone like me who's first self-chosen fantasyish book was The Boys King Arthur, an immense book I found in third grade with beautiful colour plates inside. Which, of course, I never actually finished, because third grade was the year I was learning to read english. Nevertheless - this is what the new book makes me think of. So, naturally, it will actually have very little to do with Arthurian legend at all! The title's of Diana's books reveal so little about their actual subject. I remember when Year of the Griffen was in the works, everyone was fairly certain it was going to be about Kit and Blade and their studies with whatshistface. Which it wasn't. But I still go tingly and hope I can find a copy somewhere when it comes out and can actually buy it. Maybe I'll have better luck with it (I think it may be an adult novel, although I'm not sure) than I had with Dark Lord of Derkholm and Year of the Griffen.

4/2/2002 01:48:59 PM
Apparently, Stephen's article made fangirls cry. More or less. I want to feel guilty for having upset so many people but damn, when are jumping to conclusion right and left and there's major mob rule going on, I can't feel bad at all. If anyone should be smacked, it's the people who went off ranting about it, thinking it was true. Jeez, people . . .


Going to the biggest, least smelly big city in the province in a couple hours. Taking Thea out for Italian or Greek and maybe going to an anime store she may know of, although I can't imagine such a think in S'toon. Still, should be fun.Guthrie's plane gets in from Florida at 10:30 so there should be beatings to see, since Guthrie kind of blew his cash down in the US of A. However, he is supposed to have bought me a birthday present there so . . . we'll see whether death is in store for him or not.

We'll be stopping at a bookstore tomorrow before we come back to PA (I have an appointment at the bank tomorrow afternoon) and hopefully an art supply store so I can buy some fixative for my sketches and things.

Going to bring a book or two. "To Say Nothing of the Dog" and something else, although I'm not sure what? "Thrones, Dominations"? Probably not. It's on the hard to reach part of my bookshelf, I think. I wish I had a copy of "Murder Must Advertise" I want to reread that one. Stupid libraries. "A Civil Contract"? I don't feel like having my brain abused, so probably no DWJ or Connie Willis. Decisions decisions.

Hoping to find "Last Hero" at McNally Robertson or something equally delightful. A Connie Willis I don't have, or a copy of "Castle in the Air" which I still don't have. Even better would be "Dark Lord of Derkholm" or "Year of the Griffen." Bastards at Coles have never had copies of either. Damn. Would be -really- cool if I could find a copy of "Three Men in a Boat" since I'd like to read it in book form, not on the internet . . .

Somehow my keyboard just switched to French. I wonder what I hit. Ah well, it's better now.

Feeling a bit sick, hope I don't throw up. Have to html up the latest story. It's short, but I overdid the italics. Bugger. The things I do for people . . .

4/2/2002 09:05:07 AM

take free enneagram test

4/2/2002 07:50:28 AM
Well, since people showed certain . . . puzzlement over our Butter Lamb, the Butter Lamb is a staple around here of Ukranian Church Easter Teas. These little butter lambs are made by the little old babushka ladies, by hand, and sold at these teas for about three dollars. And . . . that's it, really. They're just a very cute fundraiser for the Ukranian church. Who wouldn't want a piece of butter carved into lamb form? Especially sitting on their dinner table. It's -cute-, dammit.

3/31/2002 10:45:11 PM
Photo time! Photo time!

The Butter Lamb!

Me, the Butter Lamb, a window, and our fridge!

Me, the Butter Lamb, a window, and our radiator!

Me, the Butter Lamb, my mom, and a bit of the kitchen!

The Butter Lamb! Again! (It's got it's butt cut off)

The Butter Lamb and its Beloved Salt and Pepper Shakers!

Blowing out the candles on the Happy Cake!

Mum bought cheap candles and I choke!

Me in the living room unwrapping a present from my aunt. (the box is one from organic laundry detergent. Oy)

Lesson? We shouldn't have a digital camera. Ever.

3/31/2002 07:16:55 PM
Easter loot: Cream eggs, and little eggs, and a rabbit that I can bite the head off of, a new Tanya Huff book, and The Duck, which I am very tempted to name Nokoru.

Birthday loot from parents: chocolate truffle candle (really), candle holder with cats, a book by an author I'm not familiar with (Ursula Le Guin?), and some note cards with kitties on them.

Birthday look from insane rich aunt: Hudson Bay Company wool blanket, pillow case with my initials on it, and two-hundred dollars.

I am surprisingly . . . happy.

I'm waiting for something horrible to happen.

And Bell-sama? ~hughughughughughughughughughughug~ You are so sweet!!!! Thankoo thankoo thankoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Duck does have whiskers, though. Not, like, cat whiskers. Like muttonchop whiskers. It's yellow and hsa no legs and has this tufty fluff coming out of the top of its head and then a bunch of tufty yellow fluff surrounding the sides and bottom of it's beak . . .

Church also didn't suck. The kids were so cute and I read "To Say Nothing of the Dog" through most of it and lots of people whished me happy birthday. I even got hugs! Ken's foster son was there. He has a lap top. That's not fair.

We went out for brunch, too. Very yummy and full of food, and when we came home, there was dipping of eggs in chocolate to finish the famous Mommo eggs.

Supper was uninpressive. Easter supper, basically. Ham, potatoes, vegetable.And a butter lamb. Dad took a picture with his new toy, so I may put pictures up, 'cause it's so bloody cool.

Got a cake with my name on it. And a happy face. When the candles went out there was very much smoke. Huge amounts of smoke.

Plans for tonight are simple. Resting in room and later tonight I'll finish decorating the Mommo Eggs.

3/31/2002 08:14:41 AM
Mm. I think it's the savaged deranged Touma that's scary. But thank you, thank you very very very very much for refraining from the Tokyo Mew Mew layout. I would have cried.

I have a duck. It has whiskers.