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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


3/30/2002 11:38:39 PM
The new layout scares me, rather.

I feel like shit. I think I'll go to bed so I can pretend to be cheerful tomorrow.

Birthdays always depress me so much . . .

3/30/2002 02:01:37 PM
I'd really like to be able to have a new layout up for my birthday but I don't think it'll happen. Damn my lack of mad html and photo editting skillz.

3/30/2002 01:59:56 PM
So yesterday was Oxymoronical Friday. I did . . . pretty much nothing. Lounged about. Went to church. Doodled. Played "Heroes of Might and Magic III"

Today is the day between Oxymoronical Friday and that very important day, Ingrid's Birthday.

And Easter, but I think me being able to buy porn is a little more important.

Went out for yummy breakfast this morning with parents, nice and quiet sans the Guthrie. Played some Super Smash Bros, did a bit of vacuuming, played the piano, then tried to do some trig until I gave up after trying to do the same question three times.

I just don't get some stuff.

3/26/2002 09:52:37 PM
I ache all over. I feel like crying or falling over and dying or something. My face feels like it's on fire, I can't focus on anything, I have a test in C30 tomorrow and only understand half the material, I'm so lost in calculus it isn't funny, and I'm not even cheered up by the fact that Guthrie's leaving tomorrow. Everything just feels so miserable. I need a hug, and my mother's too busy worrying over Guthrie, as always, to give me one.

Katy isn't on, Jinxer's pissed off at me and is never a grand source of sympathy anyways, I don't like bothering Fiora with my problems, Thea has homework, Katelynne and Bell are happy in Japan and are never online anyways -and- I don't like to bother them with the pointless crap that upsets me, and god how pathetic am I that there is no one I can just call and talk to to make me feel better? Yay. Go my social skills.

There's nothing like feeling completely stupid and like crap simultaneously to make you realize how utterly alone you really are.

Two more days, two more days, two more days.

3/25/2002 05:58:48 PM
. . . Work, damn you.

3/25/2002 04:56:11 PM
So, I was randomly link jumping from one blog to another this morning while combing my hair, and happened upon the phrase "sucks more than Keiichi in a Technomancy smut fanfic." Now, aside from the fact that that is a very cool way to describe something, I have to wonder . . . Does the phrase mean Keiichi -sucks- as in is badly written or portrayed in a Technomancy smut fanfic?Or does it mean he does a lot of . . . sucking . . . in these Technomancy smut fanfics?


In continuation . . . Or conclusion. I just meant you said X is all about the gay and it can't be all about the gay if there's stuff like SorataxArashi snogging going on. I mean, the fandom is definitely all about the gay, but the manga is only mostly about the gay. Because it's about Kamui, and, well, yes, Kamui. Really that's all I meant. ~sweatdrops~

Also, I hope the art school thing works out. ~hugs~ Go you! Stand up to your mother and what will you because dammit, not even the most all-knowing psychic mother can be completely right all the time and as you pointed out, there's just some things she doesn't get. Parents. Sheesh.


More X ramblings, 'cause I'm tired, and was vaguely thinking of something Bell was talking about writing a paper on . . . at some point. I think.

X has this whole strong theme of opposites and twins and such going on, and I'm wondering, with recent ASUKA installements, if -all- the Dragons have their opposite/twin.

. . .

No, I'm serious. Think about it. We obviously have Kamui--Fuuma, the whole twin star dealy. Subaru--Seishirou, the ying and yang, light adn dark. But the other ones match up well too.

Hinoto--Kanoe. The whole sister thing. One's a slutty whore, the other's a slutty gimp.

Arashi--Satsuki. Both are pretty much emotionless. Both are kind of but not involved with males (Sorata and Yuuto) who will be killed because of them, probably. Sorata will be killed because of Destiny, and Yuuto could very likely be killed by a jealous BEAST.

Yuzuriha--Kusanagi. They're sweet, they're the purest Dragons on both their sides, they have surprisingly similar viewpoints on most things, but they're also totally opposite in that one's a cute, genki fourteen year old girl, and the other's a large, brutish, soldier.

Karen--Nataku. What? I'm serious! Comes from the latest ASUKA installements. They're obviously connecting, they're unloved, they're in love (or something . . .) with a person who can never return their feelings, and they both had (or are having . . .) rather traumatic childhoods.

Seiichirou--Yuuto. . . . Okay. So we're more into the opposites, not the similarities here. Seiichirou is staid family man, Yuuto is . . . manwhore. But they're both really sweet, ordinary, charming older men who have perfectly normal jobs and families (Yuuto has a sister, doesn't he?)

And that leaves . . .

Sorata--Kakyou. Which may be even weirder than above. It's a very thin link, but they're both the most knowledgeable of the dragons, with the exception of Fuuma the Magical Genie. In early volumes, at least, Sorata and Kakyou were the only ones who were telling the real deal about what was going on. They knew about the Future and Destiny and Foreordination and explained Things. Sure, Hinoto did too, and so did Kanoe, but it was less so. They're also two of the characters most resigned to destiny.

What's this proove? That I need sleep.

3/24/2002 01:40:30 AM
This makes me a happy little KeiichixKamui fan.

Now excuse me while I go crash. Cantata tomorrow.