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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


3/14/2002 12:23:23 PM

i'm squall x zell!

i'm a guy; i like to fuck. okay, so maybe, yeah, we love each other, but geez, i won't go getting all squashy on you.

wanna beer or something?

take the which bishink pairing are you? test,

by tenshi and llamajoy.

3/14/2002 08:14:05 AM
I'd like to see Seishirou's brain go to mush in Ashes. Just because I think it would upset Jinxer. ^_^

Besides, then he and Subaru are all the more suited for each other, ne?

3/14/2002 06:59:02 AM
X - Episode Nineteen. Inferno. Hmmmm . . . Can't imagine who -that'd- be about.

Karen is far too-cute a young child. Her fire is pretty. Her mother is mentally unstable. And Karen-chan talks to her teddy-bear.

. . . Aoki's getting a -divorce-?! What the -hell-?! Please tell me that's just an excuse for him to talk to Yuuto and it's not real. I mean . . . Aoki's happy-family man! And Karen overhears . . .

Jump to BEAST, Satsuki, and . . Nataku, staring forlornly at Satsuki and asking her to find out who it is.

Jump back to Aoki, being teased by his colleagues for getting a call from Karen and her Soapland. He blushes very cutely and looks like Daisuke. Flashback! to Karen and Aoki's first meeting, when he's interviewing her for an article. There is No Sex. Although Karen certainly tries. And Aoki's glasses fog over. We find out he has Something to Protect, and Karen indulges in a milisecond of angst.

Yuuto talks to Kanoe, and the divorce seems to be the real thing. Fuck.

Satsuki tells Nataku that it is Kazuki and its father comitted suicide. Nataku was produced in a very creepy way - from Kazuki's uterus and the father's tissue. Which means . . . that Nataku's technically Kazuki and her father's . . . child?

Karen still has the teddy bear, and talks with Aoki on the phone. She gets far too hopeful and sounds -very- happy. Bad Karen. Insert symbolic cross, the cue for childabuse!flashback. Her mother tells Karen that if she dies "no one will cry for her" and Karen's mother dies surrounded by feathers.

Aoki comes to Karen's apartment and admires her teddy bear (Paul?). People have not Forgotten about Daisuke's existence, and Karen offers her condolences. Aoki reveals that he promised not to cry when Daisuke dies because he died protecting Hinoto. Aoki's a dumbass and was getting the divorce to "protect" his wife and daughter. Apparently his wife is far too good to him, since he thinks she'll remarry him if he survives the final day. Karen is falsely cheerful for Aoki and insists on going with him to meet Yuuto at Tokyo Station, and explains that she has no future, so it doesn't matter if she dies. Karen's devious and drugs Aoki and leaves Paul the bear to watch over him. Stupidity is contagious.

Yuuto's suit is pink, his shirt is maroon, and he looks damn fine in a white trenchcoat.

Karen looks damn fine in a sexy black dress and meets Nataku instead of Yuuto. The ribbon of death goes into action. Somehow it isn't turned into crispy burnt toilet paper under the force of Karen's flames. Karen defeats Nataku and shows great sympathy for it. She tells it that it has the eyes of a "lost boy."

Flashback to Karen talking with a priest at her mother's . . . funeral? She goes creepy and threatens him with her flames, telling him she is the devil. The priest doesn't believe her, and is much Nicer than Karen-chan's mother. He takls nicely and makes the fire go away. He gives Karen his cross.

Karen tries to comfort Nataku and they have a Touching Moment, but is interrupted by Yuuto finally showing his Wild and Wacky Water Powers. Karen and Yuuto flirt while trying to kill each other with their powers. And Super Seiichirou cmoes to save the day! Yuuto once again retreats before he can be defeated and seems to be rather spineless.

Super Seiichirou is Aoki again. Aoki's injured and Karen berates him. Then Aoki berates Karen and says if Karen would die, he would cry for her. He gets rather angry before he collapses, and we go back to the flaskback! Karen-chan is cute while praying, until the feathers interrupt her.

We wonder where they've locked Kamui and Fuuma up, and admire the producer's ability to be just like CLAMP in not telling us what happened to Subaru.

3/14/2002 06:34:08 AM
My arms and legs are aching in unimaginable pain.

Bloody snow.

3/13/2002 10:18:40 PM
. . . Someday I'll learn what things need HTML to format posts and what things don't.

Until then, I think I'll have fun kicking myself.

Boot to the head, nyah nyah.

3/13/2002 10:11:20 PM
Why is there jam on my alarm clock?

3/13/2002 10:09:04 PM
. . . And someone, one of those lucky people who can see Buffy early in the week, unlike up in Canada, where we have to wait until Saturday night, missed this week's episode, which apparently involved Buffy being in an insane asylum . . .

Some people just don't deserve tv sets. ^_^

3/13/2002 10:07:37 PM
I am very relieved you're appearing genki again, dear. All is right with the world.

3/13/2002 10:03:00 PM
I think I may have killed my right foot when I fell today. Damn.


. . . You know, all I can think now is, I wish I'd written that story, or draw the rest of those FuumaxKeiichi pictures like I wanted to. Dammit!

3/12/2002 09:25:02 PM
Weather sucks. Madame Donahue liked my sketchies lots.

I have a test tomorrow on everything I've learnt since semester began. Including cell respiration and photosynthesis.

Pray for me. Or something. 'cause I think this may be the death of me.

3/12/2002 07:59:19 AM
It's snowing . . .

Jinxer drew a picture of Seishirou in handcuffs.

3/12/2002 07:15:03 AM
Keiichi ~smiles blissfully and makes Jinxer twitch like a small, mentally unstable person~

3/11/2002 09:42:57 PM
Biology, you suck.


Thinking of staying at school for lunch tomorrow, even though I'll hate it. It's early dismissal, so I don't really want to slog through the snow to come home for a brief lunch and then be dragged back to school just to go to trig . . .

Mmph. Could show Madame my sketches and ask her to recommend a good fixative.

Maybe I'll do that.


In total randomness, certain reading has lead myself (and hence, Jinxer) to bring back the subject of That Story (Bell knows the one . . . ~glare~). In the haze of one who's brain is a small pile of fried grey matter, I wonder . . . is it porn? Is it smut? Is it humour? Is it smutty humour? Humourous smut? How many different kinds of flames would I get if it were readily available to the public? How stupid was I to give Jinxer a copy? How stupid was I to give Bell a copy?

I think I may be able to stifle Jinxer's cries of "Porn! Porn!" with a few well placed threats of a KeiichixSeishirou fic . . .

Bell, I am seriously plotting your demise unless that box doesn't get to you.

- This has been brough to you by smoeone who doesn't have an electronic webstalking device on her weblog and is glad about that. Have a nice day.

3/11/2002 04:08:22 PM
I am so damn hungry. I should have had more than a pizza pop and that granola bar for lunch.

I should have had something that wasn't tea for breakfast.

I shouldn't have stayed up until 11:30 reading disturbing fics.

I should go and walk Wapi and come back to study biology and do calculus homework.

. . .


3/10/2002 01:01:18 PM
I never thought I'd find something so wonderful as this through the Technomancy blog.

I should really study.

. . .

. . . . . .

3/10/2002 08:46:11 AM
Look here. If anyone remembers a certain piece of fanart I did for someone who is very evil, they'll probably know what entry I'm refering to, but cursing because of lack of archive linky link. Dammit, I wanted to be the first one to write that horribly wrong coupling!!

Did I just say that . . .?

I think I need to wash my brain.

3/10/2002 08:31:59 AM
Meia-sama's new layout is much pretty. I've been meaning to say that for a while, but I'm lazy. Still doesn't like my netscape though. Bugger. But anything with bleeding, bandaged, and winged (shut up Jinxer and Bell) Kamui gets bonus points just for being . . . bleeding, bandaged, and winged Kamui.

I'm also glad to know ICQ is a bitch for someone besides me. I stopped using the bastard months ago, it makes my computer crash every time I try to load it and I have another chat program (like AIM) running. I think it's very territorial.

3/10/2002 07:14:46 AM
And I still can't get archive to work . . . ~gives blogger the finger~

3/10/2002 07:12:11 AM
Fic featuring Keiichi has just ended up in my mail-box. However, it's rated NC-17 (NC-17 stuff squicks me) and it features . . . lots of other pairings. Some which make me go "Uh . . . ~whimper~" like FuumaxSubaru. I shall have to muse over to read or not to read while in the shower.

3/10/2002 12:09:03 AM
Well now, I'm sure I -meant- to study today. But I didn't. So instead, let's see how tripod likes image linking by using what I spent my afternoon and evening working on. Yay sketches. Or something.

Inchiki-sketches and Hikaru-sketches.

So, hate me or not, tripod?