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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


1/30/2002 10:06:02 PM
Six Feet Under, great as always. Of course, it would have been great just to hear the tone of my mum's cringe when I told her how the corpse of the week's head got smushed in like a broken watermelon. ^_^

Just a month until the new season starts, and by then we'll have almost caught up with all the stuff we missed because we didn't have illegal satelitte and had never heard of the show.

You have to think highly of a show that I can watch, and my mum can watch, and my dad, and my mum's youngest sister can watch, -and- her husband, and that we all enjoy tremendously. Despite the fact that there's swearing, nudity, sex, nudity, sex, nudity, and homosexuality. And toe sucking. Normally I go squick when there's too much graphic sex in something, but I don't mind it in this. And, as some people know, I don't even like reading NC-17 smut-fics, 'cause they turn my stomach.

Good stuff, good stuff. I'll probably read for an hour or so before I'm willing to get to sleep. Which is okay. If I fall asleep fairly fast, that'll be closer to a decent hour than the last few days.

Have Dorothy Sayer's Unnatural Death popped into the tape player, which should sooth me to sleep, if the tea and the late hours don't.

I'm very happy, I was able to handle all but the last question in Calculus. I'm sure Stephen and I will pour over it tomorrow, then run to Mister Norris for help at lunch. We're predictable like that. I think I'm ahead in math, and I have my books for the biology report. Just have to skim them to get the outline up.

Life doesn't suck too badly right now. Nope nope.

1/30/2002 05:27:11 PM
Dead Men Do Tell Tales by William R. Maples and Michael Browning
Autopsy: The Memoirs of Milton Helpern the World's Greatest Medical Detective by Milton Helpern and Bernard Knight
Talking Bones: The Science of Forensic Anthropology by Peggy Thomas
The Casebook of Forensic Detection by Colin Evans
Devil's Cub by Georgette Heyer
Lincoln's Dreams by Connie Willis
Posession by A. S. Byatt
The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

Bloody library.

1/29/2002 09:15:23 PM
Sakura no Yume apparently officially dead. Very annoying, but thankfully Jinxer has all the Tokyo Babylon translations saved. Hooray for Jinxer!

For a very limited time.

1/29/2002 08:59:39 PM
Got my report card today, for the first semester.

English A30 - 99%

Mathématique B30 - 90%

Physics 30 - 87%

History 30 - 95%

Feel pretty good about that. This semester should be harder. I suspect Stephen and I will be going over calculus as soon as we get in the french class tomorrow. I suspect he understands it better than I do, and is familiar with english terminology, which I am not.

Sat with Slaviska (?) today during french. -Such- a sweet girl, and she actually knows french. She seems very smart, and just kind of lost. She's only be in Prince Albert for two weeks so . . .


I should e-mail people. But, I should also get some drug-tea and read Passage.

1/29/2002 06:51:26 AM
Well, Kate-chan dear, anyone who talks about spatulas in the morning is scary.

Says the person who can be awake at 4:30 in the morning and be perfectly coherent.


"I'll _________ you for a limited time" was something my friend Sarri said a lot when I was in grade ten. I'll hate you for a limited time, I'll love you for a limited time, I'll be totally indifferent to you for a limited time . . . It's a good tag on for phrases, and people notice it more than "I'll worship you until I die" or some such. ^_^

Shankoo for giving me the summary, Bell-sama. ~sparkles and bounces around~ Kawaii!!!!!


Stayed up until almost midnight last night reading Passage, only to get the feeling that I know what's going to happen, and if it happens I'll be very upset, and Mrs. Willis is a bad person if she does it, but I should have expected it from a book about Near Death Experiences.


No, I don't want to check out Blogger Pro, no I don't want to give you money. Go away.

1/28/2002 09:20:29 PM
It's vaguely irritating when filling out applications for scholarships that want to know your parents' gross income and you end up with a number of such a magnitude that you know you're application is going to be rejected almost instantly because you are not considered in need of financial aid. Especially when only one of your parents has a job, and she's too cheap to let money out of the bank unless it's for food, Guthrie, or paying off bills and debts.


I would be greatly indebted to anyone who could offer some online resources to be on the subject of molecular biology and how it applies to forensics.

Preferably before Friday.

Insane teachers who demand things organized.

1/28/2002 06:39:09 PM
This makes me laugh, even though I've never played Final Fantasy X and, considering the fact that Final Fantasy IX isn't available for the PC yet, I probably never will.

I still laugh though.

And smile at my poster, 'cause art's pretty, even if you can't appreciate what it's for.

~waves up at poster of Tidus and Yuna~

1/28/2002 04:36:51 PM
It's warmed up to minus thirty! Yay! And some people were lucky enough to be at minus thirty-five since the morning. Southern bastards.


First day of semester two. La de dah. Got my schedule without any fuss or hassel and thankfully it wasn't mucked up beyond belief.

FIrst period is, of course, Francais 30. Monsieur Bowden is, surprisingly, an anglophone, and the product of the Catholic French Immersion program. He doesn't look that old. Maybe twenty-five. Very enthusiastic, but I'm sure my classmates'll crush that out of him soon enough. He seems very sweet, even if he does insist on teaching us grammar, which I will fail horribly. Hate grammar with a frozen passion. There's also a girl from Romania in the class. I thought exchange student, but Mum's thinking refugee . . .

Biology 30 should be fine, if full of lots of work. But we get to cut up a fetal pig, so who cares. The class also seems to be full of a lot of athletically inclined people, often refered to as "jocks" which shall make the class less than pleasant. I cower in terror at the thought of what I'll do if we ever need partners for something. I already have homework in that class too. A research paper for March first, with an outline due this Friday. Good stuff. Mister Helm, the master of Biology 30, is also an American. But we like him anyways, even if he does steal Mrs. Brockman's cookies.

Ate a real lunch during my spare and talked with Angie, who is nice, but was lonely because Ashley was stranded in Albertville, with the rural busses not running and a car that wouldn't start. Students who live out of town get snow days. Lucky buggers.

I have mixed feelings on Calculus, which I have after lunch. It should be an actual challenge, but I've never taken a math course in English, so I'm making Stephen help me. The class has some very smart people in it, much smarter than me, and also some people who I'm sure will drop it. I will probably enjoy it more when the deadweight is gone, and yes, I do have certain individuals in mind.

Math C30 should be interesting . . . It's called "trigonometry" in other places, I believe. I'm the only one doing it, so I have no one to pace myself against. Which is fine. I'll be doing it in the french physics classroom, which I'm sure will be distracting . . . I'm going to try to get down to the library or out of the school if things get too overwhelming.

Madame Donahue isn't teaching French Immersion anymore. I feel great sadness, but at least she hasn't retired. She's teaching less than average students one-on-one in one of Carlton's many specialized programs. Which is fine, as long as I get to see her.

1/28/2002 08:23:04 AM
Bah. Kate-chan, dear, if you knew the lengths that having school drives me to doing other things, you could be amazed. Or not. Fact remains, sitting down and typing stuff off the top of my head for fifteenminutes in a really boring, depressing day (until the very end) does not greatness make. But I'm glad you're happy, even if you're one of those odd people who's missing an essential piece of their brain, and therefore think I do something right. ^_^;


It's minus forty out. I didn't ask if there was windchill or not. If Dad doesn't give me a ride, I swear I will cry. This also means no coming home for lunch for Ingrid. ~extra sadness~ Don't wanna stay at school!!!!!!

I shall have to take things to withstand the boredom - book, paper, Tokyo Babylon . . . And my mooching face. Because dammit, you have to eat somehow. So it's either whining incessantly at Frank, or threatening to stab people in the eye.

It's not as easy a decision as it looks, people!


Oh, yes. The Segawa Keiichi obsession that no one quite understands.

Especially when I say something about Keiichi being my favourite character in X.

But let's look at this logically, almost every other character in said manga is drowning in their own angst, or they will be. Sorata's half-dead, Yuzuriha is less perky since her Inuki got speared, and Yuuto rarely makes an apperance. Almost every major character spends all their time dwelling on the past, and what they did wrong in it, and what would have happened if they'd done something differently, or the future ("I'm going to die!!") and it all gets very . . . repetitive.

Besides being horribly unhealthy behaviour. Pessimists do die younger, guys, and right now the Dragons of Earth seem much perkier than the Dragons of Heaven . . .

Keiichi is the only character who seems to have a healthy view of, well, everything. His parents have died, earthquakes are destroying his city, but he doesn't see any reason for that to make him utterly miserable. Of course he's sad about his parents dying, and he's sad about everyone dying, and he wishes he could do something to save them, but he knows he can't. So he doesn't dwell on it any more than he has to. He grieves a bit, and he's definitely shaken up by some things, but that doesn't keep him from actually living.

The hopelessly optimistic attitude is the main reason I like Keiichi. Sure, he's good looking, but most CLAMP characters are. He's smart (he's at CLAMP Campus, that should be a given) and friendly and all those other good things. But mostly, he just seems to represent hope. His life has been pretty much destroyed (loosing -one- parent can shatter a kid) but he gathers all the pieces up and keeps on living. If anything, it foreshadows the ending of X. The earth -and- the people, injured by the battle between the dragons, eventually heal and keep on going.

But that's just me and vague late night/early morning thoughts.

Some people have pointed out to me that Keiichi has a vaguely stalker like attitude towards Kamui, and, well, he doesn't. I just don't see it that way. What I do see is a very friendly teenager who has a new, lonely, impossibly sad looking boy in his class, and wants to be friends. Sure, he may be a bit overenthusiastic, but do you have any optimists in your life? They're like that, scary though it may seem, particularly amongsts all the faces filled with brooding angst. Keiichi reaches out to Kamui because he sees someone sad and alone, without any friends besides the other dragons. He does something I wish more sixteen year olds would do, and goes out of his way to get to know Kamui.

Keiichi's overwhelming friendliness even seems to get through to Kamui in a way the other dragons (besides Subaru) have never really were able to. If Kamui isn't able to create a kekkai, maybe he needs to find something to protect, or a reason to want to protect the earth. If CLAMP doesn't kill off Keiichi (nice ladies, wouldn't do that, nice ladies . . .) and the bond between the two is allowed to grow, maybe Kamui will have something he cares enough about to protect, even if it's just keeping a normal, ordinary friend from having his life ruined even more.

My favourite characters tend to be happy ones, anyways. All time favourite manga character? Sumeragi Subaru from Tokyo Babylon. Just that one. Not the poster boy of angst who chainsmokes and broods and rarely smiles. The happy, smiling, sweet, friendly teen. I like it when just seeing a character can make me smile. Subaru does that, and so does Keiichi.

So yes, I do like one of X's least popular characters, yes, he's my favourite character in the series, and yes, I hope he has a much larger role to play in the series than just smiling happily at Kamui. I'd like to see him animated too. Preferably with Yamaguchi Kappei's voice, since all my favourite male characters are voiced by Yamaguchi Kappei.

Also, if CLAMP ever does a colour picture of Kamui for ASUKA, I offer you my first born child in exchanage for a copy of that ASUKA.


School now.

The cold water pipes are frozen.


1/27/2002 11:29:21 PM
Found . . .Keiichi . . . shrine.

So . . . happy . . .

And . . . there . . . is . . . school . . . tomorrow . . .

But I don't care! Keiichi-kun!!!!!!! ~sparkles madly~

Even though I wanted to make the first Keiichi shrine. ~sadness~

But someone else made one! And there's a piece of -fanart-!!

~bounces around giggling~

1/27/2002 05:57:47 PM
Bloody envy. I am not amused.

I finished the scans, only to find out envy's down.


And answerz won't let you upload any file bigger than 100 KB and most of the scans are about 120 KB . . .

Sometimes I think I should really look into buying my own domain and stop messing around with freeservers. But I don't think I need one that badly that I can just go and splurge on such a thing.

Ah well. Maybe it'll be working again by tonight.

1/27/2002 01:13:27 PM
Church didn't suck too much. Stephen was there, which is good, because I like having someone share my pain. And Jean-Marc, who is also fun to have around, because he's pretty cool for a fourteen year old boy.

Watched Candidate for Goddess this morning. Pretty art, pretty music, pretty voices, and dammit, you have to love an anime where your name is mentioned, repeatedly, in conjunction with the word Goddess and cool looking mecha. Can't complain.

I'll try to get those profiles to you before, um, I go to bed, Kate-chan . . .

I only have the last two pages of Nataku's side story before I go and have to convert everything into jpeg and then struggle with envy, or maybe answerz, and upload it all.


Was I going to be creative this weekend? I don't think so . . .