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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


1/18/2002 11:43:34 PM
It's cold. My radiator isn't working, dammit!

1/18/2002 11:41:20 PM
No more studying. I've done almost two entire units since getting home.

Not going to bed though. I might read. I have the temptation to re-read again, which must be squashed.

Homeward Bounders, Fire and Hemlock, and Aunt Maria of all things. Does my brain hate me this much?

Maybe I'll pull out Fire and Hemlock when finals start, to read if I finish a test early or something . . . Maybe my brain'll be so fried I'll actually understand the ending again.

After finals, I need to go and pick up a copy of The Lives of Christopher Chant for Bell-sama, I think.

Of course, as soon as I go to Coles, they'll be all sold out. Happened when I went to buy Castle in the Air for me and Fio.


1/18/2002 12:16:36 PM
X twelve spoilers! X twelve spoilers! X twelve spiolers!

This is The Episode. Tokiko's blown up, Kotori wakes up and comes into the temple to find blood, blood, more blood, and the sword, goes nuts, and is taken away, along with the sword, by the director of CLAMP Campus.

Who is -not- Imonoyama Nokoru, much to my disapointment.

Everyone goes off to the Campus in a helicopter and Kotori's looked after by doctors, depriving us of the sweet, innocent happiness of the insane Kotori playing in the water and being delighted because "Kamui-chan" is with her.

There's the talk with Kakyou, but not the fall into the Sea of Tears, so we never get to find out that Kamui's mother and Fuuma and Kotori's mother were mad lesbian lovers. It's still sweet seeing her talk to Kakyou, though.

Kamui sees the video from his aunt, and makes his decision by himself, not in the room with Fuuma and Kotori, and his eyes change from yellow to red-purple. This is accompanied by much screaming from the dreamgazers, which suggests that if Kamui had chosen to be the Dragon of Earth, Kotori would have lived.

Everyone is still, oddly enough, exactly where we last saw them (Subaru, Arashi, and Sorata are still at the temple and Yuzuriha, Daisuke, and Seiichirou are still eating ice cream) and they all go running, showing the amazing ability of the Dragons of Heaven to travel at near-light-speed.

Fuuma reveals himself to be evil, hurls Kamui in to the wall, molests him a bit, then disapears with Kotori. There's much glowing explosions, and confusion from me as Kamui ends up . . . somewhere to find Kotori strung up on a cross. Fuuma's a fast worker. Wires come out and smash Kamui into some rubble, Fuuma molests Kamui a bit more and licks his neck, Kamui's eyes are yellow again, Fuuma shoves a sword through his sister's heart, and goes to kill Kamui.

Kotori is bloody freaky when posessed by Kakyou, bloody freaky, and distracts Fuuma before he kills Kamui, and Subaru, Arashi, and Sorata magically appear on the scene after much hopping on buildings.

Fuuma swears to kill Kamui, and disapears, and Kamui's left hugging Kotori's lifeless body.

Kotori's sanity and Kakyou are talking in a disturbingly cheery sea-side scene once again, and Kotori says Kamui is the only one who can save her brother (maybe X -won't- end with a pile of dead lifeless bodies?) before vanishing off into the sky telling Kakyou the future is undecided.

1/18/2002 08:12:24 AM
I shall be able to watch X episode twelve during lunch today, yippy!

Best of all, this episode we get to see the famed Fuuma-tongue!

Let's see how horribly melodramatic they make -this- one!

I believe in gaining pleasure from things in any way possible. I know many people are disapointed with how the series is turning out, but come on, what did you expect?

Of course, this is from someone who threw all expectations for the series out the window when she realized Keiichi wouldn't be animated.

1/17/2002 10:19:00 PM
I am bloody tired. I am going to bed.

But not before changing my desktop to something more suiting the crunch of finals.

1/17/2002 10:04:39 PM
Remember boys and girls - Japanese techno and studying just don't go together.

1/17/2002 09:16:47 PM
Guthrie let me have the Final Fantasy X pull-out Amano-art poster from his copy of Electronic Gaming Monthly that he never reads anyways. It's on the slant between the wall and the roof.

I need to adjust the positions of my posters. Things are getting crowded.

I'll do that after finals.

1/17/2002 09:10:34 PM
You know your brain is fried when you need to use a calculator to find out what five times six is.

1/17/2002 09:06:28 PM
Reading over this has been entertaining, highly good for my desire to procrastinate, made me glad I'm not actively involved in any fandom, and generally miss Geoff.

Geoff ranted beautifully.

And he had a neon-green lunchbag named Mister Green-Sack.


1/17/2002 12:11:55 PM
Damn, my finger -still- hurts!!!!

1/17/2002 11:54:45 AM
Wah, Jinxer, you aren't going to make me give you -back- these, are you? ~whinewhine~

You know, if I promise to worship you like an almost-but-not-quite-goddess (10 commandents and all ^_^) and I agree to forget all about the emerald green ink, would you send me the rest? Please please please? Please please? I promise to start scanning X again soon. Pleeeeeeeease?

1/17/2002 07:50:07 AM
This makes me smile. Not in amusement just . . . sort of generally pleased, because I like to see people being honest about stuff.

1/17/2002 07:45:44 AM
Yo, CBC, I don't like you.

Keep the god damn Harry Potter crap off my bloody morning radio!!!!!!!!

1/16/2002 10:46:56 PM
I am going to find the person who first uttered the words "comprehensive" "exam" and "final" in the same sentence, while neglecting the use of a negative.

That time of the month will surely arrive within the next few days and dammit, my finger still hurts!


Ano . . . Meimi-san, I doubt watching Buffy is giving into the masses. Is good show to do math to. Like Digimon music.

Besides, if you've already given into the whole Harry Potter thing, you gave into the masses long ago.

Now, I'll just go and sit on my bed before readers throttle me.


Meia-sama? If people go around feeding my plot bunnies, I can encourage your Brain Elves. Really, that's all there is to it.

Go go, Brain Elves, go!


So . . . tired . . .

1/16/2002 11:58:48 AM
I believe I have just sinned against nature.

If, by any chance, you hear about me being killed by a freak indoor lightning storm, take it as proof of the existence of God.

And remember - it's all Bell's fault.

1/15/2002 03:27:27 PM
You know, I think King Arthur was a slut.

"So in the meanwhile there came a damosel that was an earl's daughter : his name was Sanam, and her name was Lionors, a passing fair damosel ; and so she came thither for to do homage, as other lords did after the great battle. And King Arthur set his love greatly upon her, and so did she upon him, and the king had ado with her, and gat on her a child . . ." - Book I : Chapter XVII

" . . . and there had Arthur the first sight of Guenever, the king's daughter of Cameliard, and ever after he loved her." - Book I : Chapter XVIII

"And thither came to him, King Lot's wife, of Orkney, in manner of a message, but she was sent thither to espy the court of King Arthur ; and she came richly beseen, with her four sons, Gawaine, Gaheris, Agravine, and Gareth, with many other knights and ladies. For she was a passing fair lady, therefore the king cast great love unto her, and desired to lie by her ; so they were agreed, and he begat upon her Mordred, and she was his sister, on his mother's side, Igraine." - Book I : Chapter XIX

Yup. In the span of three chapters, Arthur professes his love for two women, sleeps with two women, and has two kids.

The three chapters happen over the span of four pages.

Arthur is such a slut.

1/14/2002 04:21:59 PM
Got 86% on my physics test (with the 12% curve). Imagine my shock and horror.

Gave Stephen back Grim Fandango and got Reese Pieces in return!

Mister Klassen says I can use one of the school laptops for my final, so that'll be good . . .

And the main prize at Guthrie's twelve hour dance on Friday is a Play Station 2!

If he raises fifty dollars.

Excuse me, I have to go scrounge in my wallet.

1/14/2002 11:46:16 AM
Instead of writing a final exam in english, I get to write a two page paper on a short story from the teacher's book box.

I'm going with something about vampires by Tanya Huff. A final never looked so sweet.

Math test went okay, I think.

I wonder if I can fall and break my leg on the way back to school, thereby avoiding seeing what I got on Friday's physics test.

1/14/2002 07:51:28 AM
I have a test today.

If I were a hemophiliac, I could give myself a paper cut and die.


1/14/2002 07:44:02 AM
Katy dear, I thought you might appreciate this

Do those wacky technomancy chicks ever stop? ^_^

1/13/2002 06:57:07 PM
Squicking people is fun.

1/13/2002 03:37:02 PM
I should feel bad about this. I really should. But I don't.

I could also try denying it, and putting all the blame on Bell, but . . . well, none of it would have happened if I hadn't said "If bestsellers are metaphors for sex, does that mean Harry Potter is a metaphor for sex?"

But Bell's the one who -said- writers who write metaphors for sex are bestsellers . . .

So it -is- her fault, really.


Besides the unmentionable, I have spent today playing Final Fantasy VII.

Dude, I have Omnislash! I am so haaaaaaaappy!

I don't think I'm going anywhere near the Emerald Weapon for a while yet.

For fun, I went down, to see how tough it was, and my party littered the ocean floor in about a second.

1/13/2002 08:27:02 AM
Oh yeah! Oh yeah! ~dances and hugs Keiichi~

Not only did I get it to work, but I managed to decipher the passcode on that stupid Huge Materia in no time at all! Bweeee!!!

I feel so -proud-!

Now I can go and get my ass kicked by Weapons!

But . . . really, I might study before I do that.

And go to church.

I mean it!

1/13/2002 07:07:05 AM
Bell - you know what I realized -really- disturbs me about you finding DWJ at your old high school library? The fact that you couldn't find a single bloody one at college.

I knew high school was good for something!

1/13/2002 06:55:03 AM
. . .

Meia-san can I have your brain elves? Or at least, their address, so I can feed them.

I thought it was funny.


1/13/2002 06:49:06 AM
It's quarter to seven in the morning . . . I don't have to go to church for another four hours . . . What in bloody hell am I doing awake?!

. . .

Oh. Right. Video games.

1/13/2002 06:45:45 AM
Yo, cough up the title, you sl0re. Don't think I won't beat you into a bloody pulp with my dictionary.

Well . . . I won't. Cause you said nice thing about my Keiichi-layout. ^___________^

And dude, -why- does your old high school library have an autographed copy of Stardust?! You know, if I was anywhere near that library, I'd probably swipe it, even though it isn't as good as Gaiman's other stuff, it's good damn powerful icky feeling.

I dunno . . . None of DWJ's books are very -long-. I'm sure you could break your brain and get through them in . . . five or six days . . . Well. Maybe not. But tell me which ones you read so I know what gaps I have to fill in!


1/13/2002 12:25:05 AM
Oops. Should have looked at the blog in the demon browser before. Ah well. Better now.

1/13/2002 12:19:33 AM
Jinxer finished chapter eleven tonight.

She tells me I will like Lockhart in book two.

I am disturbed, since she also said I would like Neville, but I think she didn't mean it at the time. That'll teach her.

Is Rowlings really so dull that she'd make Snape an actual villain? How obvious . . .

It's probably that weird twitchy little man. Or the rat. Or both. If I were an evil minion, I'd disguise myself as a twitchy old man (or I'd be a twitchy old man and hence be easily corrupted) or a rat that widdles on sheets.

Jinxer, who likes Those Books, does not like Keiichi, and thinks the blog's temporary layout is an eyesore.

I feel powerful.


Tired. Eyes hurt. Don't want to go to bed. If I go to bed, I'll have to clean my bed off to lie in it. That would be Work.


Keiichi's behaving nicely again. He let me finish Grim Fandango -and- play Final Fantasy VII with only a few little fusses, that I'll have to work out.

But not until after finals. I must resist and be strong.

But - I beat the evil wicked demonic submarine! Bweeee! I have a submarine! I feel so proud!!!

And if anyone's curious about how long I've been trying to do this . . . I think I mentioned it to Bell early in our correspondance. Back when we wrote huge rambling e-mails.

You do the math.


Buffy was on tonight! Yay! Happy happy!

Willow is -so- the recovering magic crack whore. It's a neat twist. I like the whole wiccan thing being portrayed as paranormal pot.

The season -is- missing something, still, but I dont' know what. It's still lots of fun.

It was a good episode, but I'm usually content with most episodes, although some make me rave more than others.

I thought the musical ep was going to be on tonight though . . .

Not that I mind - I got to see Spike screwing an invisible Buffy. Infront of Xander.

That's quality entertainment, folks.