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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


1/12/2002 06:07:27 PM
Considering putting Sai back up already. I'll wait until I get another opinion besides yours, Jinxer.

I like Keiichi.

1/12/2002 06:02:17 PM
You know, Bell, it would be nice if you'd -tell- us the name of this genuine, actual good fanfic . . .

1/12/2002 02:53:20 PM
Mum's asleep and has my Coles gift certificates hidden somewhere . . . Guess the shopping will have to wait.

Come on, Final Fantasy VII!

What, you thought I'd study on a Saturday afternoon?

1/12/2002 02:50:50 PM
I could go to the mall and buy Bell-sama books.

Or I could study for my math test on Monday, and my physics final on the twenty-third.

Or I could sit here, pray to the computer gods for a little while, and try to get Final Fantasy VII to work again.

The decision is -not- as easy as it looks.

1/12/2002 02:38:54 PM
Wai! Keiichi, you're such a good boy!

Still don't know why the existance of my cds was being denied, but I rebooted and everything went smoothly. Reinstalled Grim Fandango, still had my saved games, and woosh! Made it through the fourth year like that!

Such a cool game! Now I have to give it back to Stephen though . . . Bah.


Bellllllllll! You didn't tell me you got Howl's Moving Castle too! I am, of course, very glad you liked it. The "sequel" isn't as good (Castle in the Air), but it's got a lot of those hidden things. Couldn't figure a single one out when I read through it, though, which is always a good sign of bendy thinking. I'm glad you enjoyed and very relieved you weren't put off by the childishness of it.

I've got spares of Witch Week and Cart and Cwidder so I'll be sending you those, and the next time I go through the mall, I'm going to see if there's a copy of Hexwood around. If there isn't, I'll probably pick you up the two better Chrestomanci books, since WW isn't very strong in comparison . . .

1/12/2002 10:41:29 AM
Keiichi seems to have one tiny, very important flaw, that I'm willing to believe developed when my dad and I moved him.

He reads all the cds I put in as being empty.

Including Grim Fandango.

I am so, unspeakably not pleased.

1/11/2002 09:33:51 PM
Colin Mochrie as Alan Roy's brother on Made in Canada is too great.

1/11/2002 08:35:11 PM
This is so not funny.

Draco x Harry.

Shut up, Jinxer.

1/11/2002 08:28:27 PM
Hmm. Twenty-Two Minutes Favourites from 2001. I don't even think there've been that many episodes . . .

There's a Toronto Film Festival?

Seeing Greg Thomy interviewing Miss Canada 2001 is great.
Thomy: Nuclear holocaust - for or against it?
Miss: I . . . don't think it's right for me to comment.

Same with David Foley . . . Who is surprisingly cute with brightly dyed, spiked blond hair and a goatee thing.
Dave: Where were you when we were on tv, -audience-?

Québeçois pop culture, something that is totally incomprehendable to English Canadians - A Part of Our Canadian Heritage.

Softwood Lumber - a Canadian Story.
Sometimes I cut her into two-by-sixes, sometimes I cut her into two-by-fours. Depends on my mood.
A Canadian Documentary - because it seemed like a big deal at the time.

The time has come to scrap the loonie.
We should scrap money all together and change to a barter system based on livestock.
Is it too much to ask that people carry around cows and chickens?
I think not!
People complain it's too hard to pay for something big like a car with cows. But who needs cars? Just ride the cow!
The loonie may fall, but chickens are rock solid.

The Canadian Home Cardboard Box Plan - Letting Seniors Enjoy Retirement, Without the Stress of Living in a House.
We wouldn't want to have to start making payments again!!
You won't have to, because you'll be living in a cardboard box.

Well, it's over, and all I can really say is - I miss Rick Mercer. He'd get a good singing number in, somewhere.


Thea and Caiti came by, to gather Thea's Christmas present on their way to getting Meghan and, I assume, going out to the lake or something.

Always kind of depressing to see people who hang out so much together, while I spend most of my time among paper, books, wordprocessors, and html coding. But that's life. It's nice to see them. I gave Thea an Evil Present (tm) and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Hexwood, and The Truth which she had better bloody well enjoy.

They had fun looking around the house, though. It's almost a hundred years old, three stories and a basement, with several little mini-landings containing things (the box room, the boot . . . thing, the wine closet, and the laundry room), lots of stair cases, a black turning tube door, the photo labs, the studios, the sauna, the library . . . It's big, and I have yet to have a person come in here who didn't find it fascinating.

Now three people want to buy my house. I only find this milldy puzzling, really.

1/11/2002 04:22:12 PM
Does anyone think you can die of blood loss if you cut yourself with a piece of paper? Anyone? That's what Stephen and I were wondering before physics today.

Would dying get you a mercy pass?

Anyways, just want to curl up and die and scream and beat on things a bit, but I won't, because that would not be Practical.

Instead, I shall do some reading, only there's only about twenty pages left in The Matisse Stories and then, if my tea works, might write a bit, because I'm just depressed enough that I might actually write something decent.

The wet and dripping Fuuma on my wallpaper is slightly cheering.

1/11/2002 07:40:51 AM
I have a test on electricity and magnetism today, which I really would be much, much happier not writing.

I also have to (or am willingly, whatever) attend a meeting at lunch in the hopes that someone can help my apply to university. Bye bye study time.

Jinxer and I have reached chapter eleven. I still don't feel any burning urge to read or get to the end. If I'm interested in a book, I finish it in the space of a day (depending on the length of the book and how busy I am) and I just don't care about this book. Whatever, eh?

And yes, I have touched it. I don't deny that. Last night, as Jinxer was typing, I wanted to see what "boogers" was really supposed to be ("bogies") and so I went and flipped through the copy that Guthrie has that he never reads.

I hate Americanizing things.

And, it's not like that's the first time I've touched one of those books, dear. We got a few used copies in at the store when I worked there, and I'd have to clean them or shelve them. And Marion ordered in boxed sets at Christmas.

Ho hum, merchandising triumphs.

1/10/2002 06:54:05 PM
Today something truly wonderous happened.

I learned something in school.

What, you may ask, with your mouths wide open in awe, what is this amazing thing you actually learned in the hallowed halls of acadamia?

There's a Dance Dance Revolution machine at Ruckers.

I am sorely tempted to go and see it. I've never seen one before.

Fro's girlfriend is taking him for his birthday next week, she told me during English.

And so I learned, and I feel awed.

Yes, yes, studying now.

1/10/2002 07:37:07 AM
Draco man, I wish your computer was behaving. Was just browsing Technomancy's Dead Meat comics . . . They've done a Keiichi one. But don't worry, yours is much better. ^_^

1/10/2002 07:30:31 AM
Kate-chan? I don't think I'll be able to finish the first part of the story until after finals (January twenty-fourth). Gomen nasai . . . But it's not like there wasn't too much anyways, ja?

He's still a man, by the way. ^_^

1/10/2002 07:13:04 AM
I have a physics test tomorrow. On electricty and magnetism. Unsurprisingly, I don't want to write a test.

Oh yes, any slavering H/D fans will probably be happy to know that Irresistable Poison Chapter 11 is now out. Damn good stuff. Much more fun than the book. ^_^

1/10/2002 06:59:47 AM
I feel like beating blogger to death.

Yesterday, during lunch, I had nothing to do. So, I wrote up a lovely little entry all about why, specifically, I wasn't liking Harry Potter now that I had read some of it. We're on chapter nine, I think. There's a troll. Anyways, I wrote this all up, a good huge chunk, and I don't think I said a bad word once, and I went to publish it . . . and blogger blew up.

It's gone forever.


1/8/2002 08:32:12 PM
Got 98% on my editorial on Harry Potter. I'm subtitling it "Ingrid Bashes Harry Potter and Gets Marked on her Effectiveness." I feel proud.

Someone tell me my english teacher is mistaken and J. K. Rowlings -isn't- the second richest person in the world? Please? Please? I need reassurance.

I remember a world - a world where authors are essential poor. What happened to the impoverished artist? I miss those days . . .

Wait, it still is those days, for most.

1/8/2002 08:26:08 PM
Well, my dialectic essay topic has probably been chosen. I think I'll be writing about clear cutting. I love you, Mum!

Mum may also swipe a laptop from work so I don't have to write said essay by hand in class. Yay for mothers!

1/7/2002 05:55:45 PM
Back at school for the first time in two and a half weeks.

I loath high school with a rather bored, tired, disinterested passion.

Spent English listening to my teacher try and explain what "Political Correctedness" is and talking with Shelly about what we did on Christmas, how much we wished we were in bed, and how much we don't want to write a physics final in two and a half weeks. Her boyfriend, Fro, got a PS2. The bastard!

Madame Donahue's back! But her operation didn't work. She still can't speak without her microphone. Buggerit. I gave her the Christmas picture I did for her and she cooed over it. I got my math test on logarithmes and exponentielle functions, and I didn't coo over it. But I was happy to have 94%. I'm glad Madame's back. I missed her.

I'm having trouble with physics, which is a bad, bad thing, since technically our unit on electricity is over now, and we're moving onto magnetism . . .

History was history . . . It's very -loud- after spending most of Christmas safe and alone and quiet. Got a headache. Going to have to write a dialectic essay on . . . something on the final. I need a laptop. I am not going to be able to write a three page essay by hand in two hours on the Final Day. Oh well, I'm sure Mister Klassen'll understand. Or let me steal his computer or something.

I can't believe it's bloody plus twelve degrees in Moose Jaw! Curse you, Moose Jaw, curse you!!!!

It's plus four here. Or was when I was out with Wapi. Freak weather systems indeed . . .

1/7/2002 05:39:17 PM
There's something unsettling about coming out of the bathroom to find the head of a Botticelli belgian chocolate hazelnut truffle hedgehog sitting on the Christmas ornament box, staring at you.

Thanks, Guthrie! It was delicious!

1/7/2002 07:48:27 AM
Was breaking my brain on the last two episodes of Furi Kuri the day before I go back to school a smart thing?

Probably not.

Do I care?

Of course not.

Damn that's a good series.

1/6/2002 01:07:48 PM
If anyone can tell me how to work that bloody archive link below, I'd appreciate it greatly.


1/6/2002 01:06:50 PM
Come on, work you piece of tripe . . .

1/6/2002 01:00:33 PM
Going to return the audio casettes of Three Men in a Boat the next time I go to the library. It goes click-click-click. Don't like that at all. It's aggrivating. I really want to find a copy, since it's the main reference of To Say Nothing of the Dog and one of the few I don't get . . . Certainly got all the Lord Peter Wimsey ones. Don't think there's anything else that really stook out . . .Have to re-read sometime soon. Hurrah!