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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


12/29/2001 11:56:39 PM
Got to see Six Feet Under tonight, with Mum. God, I love that show!

How can you not like a show about a family that runs a funeral home? Particularly if it involves a dead man's foot in a teenage boy's locker, a huge fire, and a mother grumbling about people who leave kleenex in their pants and then put them in the washer and dryer?

Speaking of which, my pajamas are still in there . . . Bloody Kakyou.

12/29/2001 11:54:18 PM
Diane Duane? I thought she wrote adult's sci-fi and fantasy . . . Maybe I'm thinking of someone (and something) else. Darn, and I used to be so good at this kind of thing! I can -still- remember most of the books we had multiple copies of at the store, anyway. How many copies of E.T. does one used bookstore need?

And don't get me started on Prodigal Daughter by Jeffrey Archer. I might end up dying of laughter, if I recall poor Gary's face again.

This is why I love Neil Gaiman. Not because he's a great author (although he is), not because he's got simply some of the most fascinating -ideas- in the business (although he does, to paraphrase a member of the DWJ Mailing list - "I would gladly read Gaiman's interpretation of the phone book"), but he's such a thoroughly normal guy. Honestly, reading some of these blog entries is better than here Lois McMaster Bujold talk about how she would watch Spanish Soap Operas to help her get rid of writer's block for Curse of Chalion. I think it was that one, anyways . . .

Neil Gaiman's blog is what convinced me to get my own.

That and Bell-sama's bribery.

Hmmmm. Some of these are very hard, Kate-usagi-chan . . .

2. Bunny wabbit
4/5. Something to do with the Moon . . .
9. Your eyes -look- brown . . .
11. Six foot minus eleven inches!
12. Randomly, I'd say Catholic and Jewish.
17. Lamb?
23. Of -course- you'll be the next CLAMP, Usagi-chan! Just work until your brain explodes, splattering gooey pink grey matter of a dubious quantity along pristine white walls, and find a good writer to be your bitch! Hey, I've had tea. I'm allowed to be insanely optimistic.
31. Yukito!
40. To be the next CLAMP?

Wait, dude, you mean I had to answer them -all-? Bugger that!

Yes, I am bored, how can you tell? Does the randomly guessing at stuff on my blog at about ten to twelve on a Saturday night tip you off?

I miss Fiora.

12/29/2001 05:06:57 PM

Take the What Should Your New Year's
Resolution Be?

I am amused. ~snickers~

12/29/2001 05:01:09 PM
Computers and Christmas don't mix. End of story. They just don't go together.

This morning, Keiichi would not let me log into Windows unless I went in in safe mode. Quite thoroughly annoyed, I ran ScanDisk in Safe Mode, to find no errors whatsoever on the disk. But, when I tried to reboot and log in outside of safe mode, I still couldn't get past a screen of blank blackness, mared only by the presence of a single blinking underscore.

Humiliated, I went to my father, the source of all wisdom and knowledge concerning computers.

He couldn't figure out what was wrong with it either.

Conceading defeat, we decided to upgrade the operating system to Windows Mellenium Edition.

Leaving it to it's installtion process, we went out so I could buy Guthrie a Hogmenay gift - Super Smash Bros. Melee Strategy Guide (a locked character is Young Link, I want want want!)

I come back, Dad goes to help That-Idiot-Brian out with -his- computer, and I find that . . . it worked.

I am very very glad this little problem didn't take my harddrive with it.

Touch wood. Touch wood. Touch wood.

12/28/2001 12:44:19 PM

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

Why am I not surprised?

12/28/2001 11:03:52 AM
You know, reading The Real James Herriot makes me despair, rather.

I can't believe it was ever so easy to get into Vetrinary College. I can't believe people would let themselves take longer than ten years to get through a five year course. I long for such times.

12/27/2001 09:20:55 PM
Envy, you are my -bitch-!!!!!!!

I really should switch to a faster webhost but . . . I'm lazy. That would require -effort-. I'll have to get a new site for stuff in a few months anyway, since my envy.nu/startredder/ bit of space is already over half full. Ah well.

After much exhaustion, pain, sweat, and other forms of self-inflicted torture, I've finally finished Life of an Omnyouji part thirteen and I'm proud.

Now, I just want to go die quietly in a corner.

12/27/2001 10:24:42 AM
This is definitely going to take some getting used to. Much more cramped than my desk in the attic.

Do I really care?

Of course not!

Finished The Fire's Stone yesterday. Wow. I had been expecting (dreading) something highly Mercedes Lackeyish and boy was I wrong! I should never have doubted dear Tanya. While not overly complex, The Fire's Stone was involving, with three highly flawed and fascinating central characters, and a beautifully unique world and religious system. The plot was resolved rather quickly, but that's Huff's style. And . . . I could never have predicted what she'd do with Aaron, Darvish, and Chandra. Oy . . . I have to admit I approve and find it almost realistic in it's handling of the relationships. Definitely worth all the whining and angsting and screaming at bookstores (in my head) I went through this summer.

But now it's done . . . Ah well. I fancy going on a James Herriot binge and returning to my first love.

Mmmm, Tristan.

But, before I do that, I have to shower, and get a refund on a book I already have, and do some Hogmenay shopping. Blasted Hogmenay.

12/26/2001 10:15:14 PM
I welcome you to a new age! An age of peace! Of wisdom! Of happiness! Of contentment! Of creativity!

Yes, that's right.

Keiichi is now set up in my room.

Awkwardly, perhpas. And still missing essential bits (like the zip drive and the scanner) but . . . working! Beautiful and glossy and completely functioning!

Oh yes, and there's still no cable. ~frowns~ No cable means no Buffy and no Digimon! Egads! Must fix that!

But it's nice . . . No Guthrie.

Until he wants to play Super Monkey Balls again.

12/25/2001 12:11:09 PM
Present Gods, I love you!

A copy of The Fire's Stone, American Gods, and The Amazing Maurice and his Educated Rodents! All four Fawlty Towers videos! A totally adorable little MP3 player (if only I could figure out how it works)! A network cable to help bring Keiichi downstairs to my room! Chocolate hedgehogs! Pocky! And more Pocky! And a green velvet dressing gown! And money! And a very cute little dragon bookmark from Theas! And a black fleece jacket! And black pants, that aren't jeans! And other black articles of clothing!

I love Christmas. If it weren't for Christmas, I'd have no clothing.

Guthrie got his box in a stick. He's happy.

Super Monkey Balls.

Joyeux Nol toute la monde!

12/23/2001 10:53:20 PM
On the fourth day of X-Mas,
Draco gave me to me . . .
Four feather panels . . .
Three Evil Bastards . . .
Two star-crossed lovers . . .
And Kotori tied up on a cross.

On the fifth day of X-Mas,
Draco gave to me . . .
Five witty comments!
Four feather panels,
Three Evil Bastards,
Two star-crossed lovers,
And Kotori tied up on a cross!

On the sixth day of X-mas,
Draco gave to me . . .
Six screaming Kamui . . .
Five witty comments!
Four feather panels,
Three Evil Bastards
Two star-crossed lovers,
And Kotori tied up on a cross!

On the seventh day of X-mas,
Draco gave to me . . .
Seven random dragons . . .
Six screaming Kamui . . .
Five witty comments!
Four feather panels,
Three Evil Bastards,
Two star-crossed lovers,
And Kotori tied up on a cross!

On the eighth day of X-mas,
Draco gave to me . . .
Eight smiling Keiichi . . . (My head hurts)
Seven random dragons . . .
Six screaming Kamui . . .
Five witty comments!
Four feather panels,
Three Evil Bastards,
Two star-crossed lovers,
And Kotori tied up on a cross!

On the ninth day of X-mas,
Draco gave to me . . .
Nine screaming fangirls . . . (Okay, they followed Fuuma and Seishirou . . .)
Eight smiling Keiichi . . .
Seven random dragons . . .
Six screaming Kamui . . .
Five witty comments!
Four feather panels,
Three Evil Bastards,
Two star-crossed lovers,
And Kotori tied up on a cross!

12/23/2001 10:41:33 PM
Ano . . . gomen nasai to anyone who got worried over me and my mental insability today . . . ~hugs to Cathy-chan and Kate-usagi-chan~ It was just my lovely overactive imagination, doing what it does best. Making my life a living hell.

I have a very dear online friend named Fiora, who I've known for several years. Since we've known each other, we've talked pretty much every day, usually during the morning or early afternoon, and into the evening until Fiora falls over in exhaustion. If one of us isn't going to be on, we tell the other when and why.

Friday morning, I talked to Fiora before I went to school and she went into town to shop, with the promise I'd see her Friday evening as usual.

Friday evening, there was no Fiora.

I didn't worry much. Sometimes her ISP's a bugger.

Saturday morning and afternoon, no Fiora.

Saturday evening, still no Fiora.

Sunday morning, no Fiora.

And so, I worry. Because I'm Canadian and automatically connect November to March with car accidents. Because it's a damn long time for Fio not to send any word of what's going on.

So, I think she's probably dead. I cry, I fret, I worry, and I try like hell to distract myself. I -always- think people are dead. Always. Because it seems better than thinking they're alive and just being bastards (which is the other thing I usually assume) and then finding out that they -are- dead, and you've just spent the hours since their death cursing them to the deepest hell.

I'm weird like that. I lack a lot of logic. It's rather pathetic.

That's me in a nutshell, I guess.

So, that's why I was being upset and fretful and worried and miserable. Because I thought one of the people who's dearest to me in the world was dead.

But now I know better. Her computer's been afflicted with the traditional Christmas crash. Two years ago, my hard drive died on Christmas day, and last year (or early this year, I guess), my motherboard died a bit after New Year's. This year, her computer's died. ~touches wood~ Which sucks, because she doesn't have my Dad, or three extra computers, to make the time bearable.

So - I'll probably be grumpy until she gets back on. I may be short tempered, I'll probably be a bit mopey. But, I doubt I'll be horribly depressed. Yay!

12/23/2001 01:10:01 PM
Remember kiddies, you never, ever want to get emotionally attached in any way to someone you know on-line. In the end, you may as well just have gone and let yourself be kicked in the ribs by a horse.

12/23/2001 12:03:16 AM
It's just after midnight. And I'm sitting here, and I'm wondering if I should throw myself off the balcony at church tomorrow like I want to.

Sometimes . . . I'm just miserable. And I know why. And it's still out of my control.

Being human sucks.