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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


12/22/2001 02:33:43 PM
Woke up. Felt like hell. Refused to go to school in the morning. Stayed home, drank tea, drank bean soup, and watched the first episode of Mahou Tsuki Tai (sp?). Thought it was hentai, plotless, and had bad video quality. Will watch more later.

Went to school for physics. Understood things. Came home, avoiding history.

Read many internet comics (Little Gamers, Mega Tokyo, and Penny Arcade).

Felt neglected.

Christmas tree fell over.


Tree is now tied to the wall with dental floss and thoroughly undecorated.

Woke up. Felt like hell. Went to school anyways.

Several people stop me in the hall to tell me I look like hell. I thank them.

Think it's unjust that all but one of my teachers is absent. Wish I was absent.

Ignore National Lampoons Christmas Vacation during English class and draw and read. Seamus looks very snake like, Eijitsu looks like a girl. Death of a Necromancer is still drool-worthy in it's descriptions.

Read and eat wurthers toffees. Ari is dreamy and pitiable. Why didn't anyone tell me there was yaoi in Les Boys? I might have paid attention then.

Tutour someone for a fee of two Japanese mandarin oranges and a chococolate marshmellow peanut coconut cake. Beat the crap out of annoyingly optimistic mood ball. Repeatedly threaten to stab out people's eyes with fork or fingers. Offer is not appreciated, nor recognized as sign of eternal love and devotion.

Try very hard to help Jan remember the word "culturally."

Watch Simpsons and feel very happy that Demures and Armstrong aren't in class.

Wish I had cd of Digimon music.

Write history quiz. Get 115% on it. Play Canadian History Trivia and find it unjust that a team with myself and Aaron on it doesn't kick other team's ass.

People come over for supper. I have to be social. I miss Buffy and Digimon. Wapi doesn't like the internal organs of ducks.

André shall be hugged and kissed for reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, but being bored by Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Guthrie shall be allowed to live for finding Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone boring and only reading five pages, while devouring every single one of the Lemony Snicket books.

Agree to take care of two dogs for four days. Get forty dollars for it. Life is good.

Agree to tak care of two cats, a dog, and a racoon. Money not yet offered.

Butter tart pie is good. I pity Americans.

Talk to Emily. Uula's cute when he's intellectual.

Fiora is conspicuously absent. Either dead or watching The Fellowship of the Rings for the zillionth time.

I feel neglected. Watch FuriKuri (FLCL) and am sick enough to find it bizarre in absolutely no way.

I want the rest of the episodes.

Sleep. A lot.

Wake up at ten. Do laundry. Get tea. Eat breakfast.

Give Keiichi a holiday makeover with Clamp Campus Detectives Christmas wallpaper and Clow Card icons.

Wonder why I can't download Goggle Boy.
Consider naming drying Kakyou, so I can swear at it without feeling guilty.

Go shopping.

Buy mother tray of nuts, candy, and fudge costing thirty-five dollars. Feel poor. Buy very cute candles. Drool over unpurchasable statues of dragons in evil beautiful store.

See The Fire's Stone in Coles and become orgasmically happy. Call mother. Will be very upset if book is not recieved as Christmas or Hogmenay gift.

Walk home. Wrap tray of nuts. Wrap Game Cube controller for Hellspawn Demon Pest. Wrap bottle of vodka and coconut liqour. Wrap bottle of clamato juice.

Swear at Kakyou.

Eat lunch and type up long, yet pointless, blog entry.

12/19/2001 08:34:37 PM
I do believe I could truly enjoy writing this editorial, if it weren't for the fact I was told to keep it under three-hundred words. Do you know how nothing three-hundred words is?!

12/19/2001 07:46:53 PM
There we go. ~purrs softly~ That's much better.

Jinxer, I know you stopped watching Buffy about the time Riley came in, but I'm wondering if you've seen the episode where Jonathan (that suicidal kid from the episode where Buffy could read minds) does a spell to make himself a paragon . . . That man would make a marvelously good Miles Vorkosigan.

12/19/2001 07:43:09 PM
Honestly, why won't you work, you bloody bitch?!

12/19/2001 07:55:30 AM
. . . Blogger hates me this week and I don't know why.

12/19/2001 07:53:05 AM
Good luck on your exams, Kate-usagi-chan.

All this talk about lego . . . strange. Now I fear I shall never be able to enter a toy stoy again. There's something . . .unsettling about knowing there's lego sets based upon books.

. . .

I wonder if there's a Lego Neville.

12/19/2001 07:47:29 AM
It feels like if I move my head too much, it'll fall off.

I hate being sick.

I hate being sick when I can't stay home.

We're doing electric circuits today in Physics.


12/18/2001 08:16:28 PM
I was right! American Gods -is- rather based upon Eight Days of Luke. Only, um, with more sex. And longer. But, similar in many ways. Another reason why people who read one absolutely -must- read the other. I insist upon it.

Other DWJ news - "Modern Classic edition of Charmed Life - a slightly giftier version of the existing HarperCollins edition . . ." Does giftier mean prettier? Nicer? I hope it doesn't mean Americanized . . . It can't. HarperCollins is publishing them, and I'm fairly sure they're a British publishing house. Or else it doesn't explain at all why people down in the States are still having trouble finding them . . . Sure, the Chrestomanci editions are rather ugly and painfully childish, but their Eight Days of Luke is marvelous, and their new Hexwood isn't that bad. The Dalemark books look gorgeous and Time of the Ghost is breathtakingly disturbing. The Howl ones are rather blagh, which is too bad, because I need Castle in the Air still and the only way I can get it is by buying one of the reprints . . . Ah well.

They're also reprinting (or will be reprinting a completely un-Americanized Archer's Goon at long last. I fear I may have to buy it if I see it anywhere. The temptation is great.

And audio books! Although I bet I won't find a single one around here.. I never do. There's an evil plot against me, after all. But I'd love to . . . I adore audio books. They're great to listen to while I have to do some tedious cleaning thing . . .

My leg hurts. A lot.

12/18/2001 07:15:01 PM
Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast day of piano lessons until January fifteenth, 2002!! Woohoo!!!

12/18/2001 07:13:35 PM
On the third day of X-mas,
Draco sent to me . . .
Three evil bastards . . .
Two star-crossed lovers . . .
And Kotori tied up on a cross.

On the fourth day of X-mas,
Draco sent to me . . .
Four feather panels . . .
Three evil bastards . . .
Two star-crossed lovers . . .
And Kotori tied up on a cross.

On the fifth day of X-mas,
Draco sent to me . . .
Five witty comments . . .
Four feather panels . . .
Three evil bastards . . .
Two star-crossed lovers . . .
And Kotori tied up on a cross.

12/16/2001 01:16:46 PM
On the first day of X-mas,
Draco sent to me . . .
Kotori tied up on a cross.

On the second day of X-mas,
Draco sent to me . . .
Two star-crossed lovers . . .
And Kotori tied up on a cross.