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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


11/23/2001 05:18:49 PM
Not just an Akito layout. Not just a Shigure layout. It's an Akito and Shigure layout!!!!!! Waiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~sparklesparklesparklesparkle~ I love my Bell-sama!!!!!! Shanks!!!!!!!

11/23/2001 04:55:29 PM
New layout! New layout! New layout!!!!!!!!!!!!

11/22/2001 09:12:48 PM
Akito layout. I'm not a fangirl. But damn, that's a good layout. I wanna make good layouts like that.

~angsts over lack of HTML or graphic design skills~

11/22/2001 04:08:30 PM
I firmly deny that getting Quatre Raberba Winner on a character selector adds to the fact that I get all the whackos.

Repeat ad nauseum: I never got Akio, I never got Akio, I never got Akio . . .

11/20/2001 04:06:34 PM
Woohoo! X episode six! X episode six! Much better than the last episode. Am pleased.

And before the spoiler rambles start, I must just say that little Sorata reminds me of Max (of Sam and Max: Freelance Police fame). Cute little genki thing.

A totally Sorata-centered episode. God, I'm becoming so besotted with his voice. Kawaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii!! ^_^ Lots of flashbacks from Sorata, one flashback from Kotori (still not dead, still not going around muttering "My head . . . my head . . ." so this is a kind of double-edged sword of goodness) and -nothing- about Kamui coming back to Tokyo/Kamui's destiny being foreordained/no one being someone else's . . .

However, if I were Arashi, I would have slapped Sorata for constantly going on about "your the one I've chosen" and not explaining what he had actually chosen for until the episode was half over. Ah well.

Monou Kyouga hasn't been abandoned in the hospital yet . . . Tokiko's disapearance/flaming wreckage of car hasn't been mentioned . . . In fact, there was very little Kamui and Kamui-related things in this episode. Which was rather nice . . . I love Kamui, I love Kamui animated, I love his voice, but it's nice to see other characters getting some screen time. Although I still don't know what they think they're going to do if this thing is being limited to twenty-something episodes . . . Baka.

Fuuma playing basketball . . . Good Fuuma is just as hot and sexy as Evil Fuuma. I don't care what anyone says and the sight of him playing basketball in that nice jersey of his just goes further to illustrate my point. So there.

This brings us up to . . . Three scenes from the OAV I think, that have now been used in the anime. So, no need to worry about Subaru and Seishirou being cut short (ow . . .) when they make their apperance together. I think I remember someone grumping over that . . .

Good episode! Good episode! Yes, it's different from the manga, but I wouldn't care about watching it that much if it followed the manga word for word. And, come on, do we really want every bloody scene from the manga animated? Fascinating though Kotori clutching Tokiko's bloody head is and as -enlightening- as it is to hear everyone say "Kamui will return to Tokyo" while he's standing in front of them is, the differences aren't bad ones, I don't think. I find the anime quite interesting.

Ja, I have to be different, don't I?

I'm going to be disapointed if Keiichi-kun doesn't make an apperance, though. But not as disapointed as I will be if he makes an apperance solely for the purpose of being killed ten minutes after he's introduced . . .

11/19/2001 09:12:04 PM
Inspired by a conversation with Kate-usagi-chan I have dug out a copy of the poem written by my table of friends when I was in grade ten. It's a Canadian Poem (they were all suffering English A30 - Canadian Literature, at the time) and so I felt like sharing it with everyone, although this isn't the final version. The final version had Tim Hortons in it . . .

Canada; Oh! my Canada

The blizzard blows over the flat wheat fields

So flat and so cold it could drive a kind, sad-hearted, lonely farm



*(it does)

she longs for the sleek ice of the curling rink
for her friends at the hockey arena

She looks up to see a maple leaf flutter from the sky
It is a sign of hope in this bleak summer
it clings to her tear-stained face

Cold and flat How cold it is -- however will they get the crops in? flat and cold

But ah! She remembers it is the Depression in Moose Jaw, and there
are no


She looks to the west and sees the majestic mountains
rising in the purple sky

She sees the polar bears at play
with the beaver pups

She is cold, so very

cold...in this flat land.
And she thinks to herself,
I'm going to Cuba.

11/19/2001 08:46:35 PM
Me in a photo that doesn't suck as much as things usually suck. Hence it's mildly sucky, instead of crappy sucky. School photos - they suck.

11/19/2001 08:29:36 PM
Sometimes I would like nothing more than to take a large, blunt object to school with me, and bash about nine-tenths of the populations' heads in with it.

Every day in History 30 (or any other social science class, for that matter) we watch the news. Canada AM. Short, brief, highlighting current events. We take notes on it, have a test every Friday (or Thursday, whatever), and at the end of the semester, get marks for keeping the notes.

One of the news items today was the murder of Aaron Webster, of Vancouver, British Columbia. Details were brief, but it sounds like he got rather brutally beat to death by at least three other men.

Hate-crime. Of course. He was openly gay.

There were people in my classroom who were actually amused by the event. They weren't very loud about it (last semester a boy got on a very pro-gay rant when a girl started gagging over the legalization of same-sex unions and the memory of that keeps a lot of things calm, I think) but still, you could here a few people who were laughing.

Some things make me dispare so for the state of humanity . . .

We can't keep people in our own countries from being beat to death by people who don't agree with their lifestyle choices. How the hell do our world leaders think they can create better and proper and stable governments for countries like Afghanistan? They sure as hell aren't the ones who've managed to get what equality minorities have for them, I don't see how they expect to "save the Afghani people." Not when they can't save their own people.

This rant has been brought to you courtesty of Canada AM, Mister Klassen's period five History 30 class, and the titterings of assholes like Chris Gilmore.

11/18/2001 10:06:28 PM
I miss the Muppets. And I missed Kate-usagi-chan! But she isn't dead! And is, in fact, quite sparkly and the lucky beast got to see pretty shooting stars. But she is alive!

I miss karate too. Damn you asthma. And damn you YTV!!!!

But all is made better by the fact that there are Fruits Basket pictures. ~sparkles~ Although if there were scans of Shigure and Akito (together) or ics of Shigure and Akito (as a couple) or . . . anything involving Shigure and Akito, I would sparkle brightly enough to blind.

And I'm not saying -anything- about Hikaru no Go. Damn you Bell-sama.

11/18/2001 09:39:58 PM
Dude, you wrote the fic. ^_^

I agree that Yuki is the better fighting, but I always thought Kyou turning the tables on him, trying something that wasn't physical violence, would catch him off guard enough for Kyou to gain the upper hand. Although, admittedly, I can't see it lasting for very long . . . Which brings us back to the fact that Yuki is stronger than Kyou and if it lasted . . . Okay, okay, maybe not rape after all. Whew.

I like the sound of uterii . . .

And scans! Lovely scans! Waiiiiii! Shankoo Meia-sama!!!! ~sparkles~

11/18/2001 09:34:48 PM
The new minister is here! He does not suck! Things will be okay!

~does happy dance~

Ken seems -very- nice and delivered a very moving sermon that made many ladies in the choir loft cry. Which is sweet. And a good sign. Because he was talking about how his sexuality and his acceptance of his sexuality lead him to becoming a pastor for the United Church. And no one walked out. Good good good!

What sucked was I had to do readings though. I -hate- speaking in public. I thought my knees were going to collapse beneath me.

What was highly disapointing was he didn't bring his son to church with him. I wanted someone else to share my pain, dammit!

11/18/2001 09:10:39 AM
I have a new computer! I have a new computer! The cd burner works! The cd burner works!

~touch wood~

After struggling with a computer that would let me burn about two cds before the burner would go AWOL and the computer would deny the drive's existance, I finally seem to have a setup that -works-. It's a chou kawaii little pentium 233 (my last one was a 3something) and so far everything seems to work. I've burnt three (three!!) cds without the cd being spit out at me ~touch wood~ I've played cds, I've turned the computer off and it booted up without trouble, the cordless mouse works, the speakers work, the scanner works (I think), the tv tuner works, and the zip drive works. So far the only problem is that trying to open X three from the cd makes Windows Media Player freeze . . . Blagh.

Despite that tiny problem, I love my new computer! ^_^ I am going to call it Keiichi. I swear, the cpu casing is so cute and genki looking.

~isn't crazy, dammit~