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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


11/17/2001 01:00:07 PM
Someday I want to be incredibly rich. So I never have to clean a toilet again.

11/17/2001 11:14:20 AM
Hn. I think, considering the personalities involved, unconditional something is probably one of the more in character things that could happen. Because, as you said, Yuki is a girl, Yuki's a complete girl, but he's still irritatingly straight. Even if he does look cuter than Tohru-chan in a dress . . . Kyou raping Yuki just seemed plausible considering how utterly and totally obsessed Kyou is over Yuki and over beating him. But . . . I like your way much better. ^_^

~dies of laughter~ Waiiii! I love Meia-sama and Shigure! ~sparkles and giggles~

11/16/2001 04:23:41 PM
Can I never get away from the hideously evilness? ~cries~ At least it means Guthrie will be gone for a few hours . . .

11/16/2001 12:16:40 PM

I love you Bell-sama. ~sniffsniff~ Even if you do doubt my innocence, I still love you. Wai!!!!!!! ~sparkles~ Happy happy happy happy happy happy happy happy!!!!!!!!!!

11/16/2001 07:52:58 AM
~blush~ ~pout~ But a bunch of fics in the universe would be -so- fun! Even if Yuki isn't the most pleasant or likeable of characters . . . At least more Fruits Basket yaoi? Ja ja? ~wants ShigurexAkito fics, wants Shigure fics and Akito fics, period~

And thank you -very- much for not making it a Kyou rapes Yuki situation, which had certainly seemed like the only way to get the two into . . . some kind of sexual relationship. Which is highly unpleasant. >_< Don't like rape fics. Rape fics make me squick, and are generally highly sexual in content. Which I also don't like . . . ~shudders~ Thank God for selective speed reading.

. . .

. . . . . .

I am so not doing the Morning After! I do not write fanfic! Down bunnies! Down down down, damn you!!!! ~ruthlessly squashed the evil vampire bunnies with apologies to Kate-chan, these are a rare breed of evil blood sucking bunnies, not the cute fuzzy sweet kind~ Ingrid will never, ever write fanfic. When you write fanfic, you automatically aquire an audience. ~makes warding gestures~ The only reason I might ever write fanfic would be to do a KeiichixKamui fic, or, maybe, a FuumaxKeiichi fic. Since that automatically reduces the audience to practically null. ^_^

But that doesn't mean I won't continue to draw Wrong Fruits Basket fanart, because I can say two things that are good about Yuki. He looks great in frilly dresses and he's fun to molest. ~nikoniko~

11/16/2001 06:55:05 AM
I think someone's playing silly buggers will my alarm clock. This is the second or third day in a row it hasn't gone off . . . I'm highly suspicious. Someone may be out to get me. ~nods solemnly~

11/15/2001 12:42:47 PM
Dear I hope you realize that that entry will probably get you some very strange hits. Very very strange ones. Won't that be disturbing?

And I had nothing whatsoever to do with it! Nothing!!!!!

Deny everything deny everything deny everything . . .

11/15/2001 12:37:30 PM
Waiiiiii! I love my math teacher!!!!

I have no third period class, so I usually come home right after second and eat lunch. Today, I spent all of math swearing at the graphic calculator for not working and being very confused. So, the exquisite and wonderful Madame Donahue says I can stay after class and we'll go through the stuff together. And she'll give me a ride home so I can have lunch.


I'm still lost, but dammit, I love Madame Donahue!

11/15/2001 08:13:28 AM
X episode five, finally had time to watch it! Wai! Spoilers ahead, although not major ones if you've read up to volume six or seven of the manga!

This has to be the episode so far that most closely resembles the original manga. Yuzuriha's side-story starts in and the guy who hits on her looks much less, um . . . disreputable than he did in the manga. He looks rather cute, in fact. Add some magical Inuki child saving miracles (that poor woman must think she's gone mad) and sparkly feathers with Kusanagi, who looks -so- confused, poor thing, and it's quite a nice way to start the episode. Yuzuriha-chan is so adorable. Inuki is so . . . big. Eeeesh. Scary scary big dog. But I still want to hug him. And he's nowhere near as scary as Yuzuriha's Grandmother, who I've always found particularly upsetting. She's such a gruesome looking old lady. ~shivers~

The rest of the episode is pretty much like the manga, continuing from the last episode. Sora-chan, Arashi, and Kamui all go to see Hinoto. And we're told, no, really, Hinoto -can't- speak, she's totally paralyzed (but can still move her hands and head and flop to the ground in defeat . . .) But, her lips still move and Sorata says something about her being able to talk normally so . . . who knows. Contradictions abound. I still like Sorata's voice, it reminds me of how Seki Toshihiko does Duo Maxwell, changing pitch and all. Sorata can sound -very- serious and his voice can go deep, which makes me like his normal more, um, whiny voice more. It's cute. There was no Fuuma at all in this episode (gasp!) but they used Sorata to get in the gayness quota they seem to be trying to fulfill.

Sorata : Don't worry Kamui, if anything happens, I'll protect you with my soul.

It's just missing the sparkly bubbles and things.

There's dreams, there's Kanoe making suggestive gestures to an unaffected Kamui, there's Hinoto dragged Kamui out of the dream, more shounen-aiy hints between Kamui and Sora-chan as Kamui wakes up in Sorata's arms. Daisuke does his Doubty McDoubter schtick . . . All is well and normal.

Then Inuki melts in, followed by Yuzuriha (not melting and through the door, not the ceiling) she's genki genki genki!!!!! and offers Kamui pocky. And seems to be about to make the comment about Kamui's height ("I'm so shocked! I always thought Kamui would be more . . .") and then Seishirou comes in! Well, not in, but she's interrupted. Dammit! I -love- that bit. Kamui looks so flustered, almost, in the manga, when Yuzuriha compares their height. ~pout~ But, I can let it go.

Fighting, swords, witty banter, glowing gold eyes, cherry blossoms, Kamui being sulky . . . Papa Monou is still lying in bed at the hospital and we see Kotori with him, gazing sadly out the window . . . At least they haven't forgotten about him. Yet.

And it ends with Kamui looking angsty and sad on Tokyo Tower (I think) with Inuki beside him. Not sure what the point of the scene was . . . Unless to actually show something between Kamui and the -other- Monou sibling. You know. The female one.

A Fuuma-less episode. I'm still in shock.

'twas good though. Good good anime . . .

Shankoo Bell-sama!!!!

11/14/2001 10:34:34 PM
Oh yes, I -so- want a "Morning After" fic of the below mentioned story. So so so much, do I want.

11/14/2001 10:26:11 PM
Wow. All I can say is . . . I'm so glad someone did it before me. Although I did do it in that one picture . . .

Yup. Meia-san, whom I don't know, and who doesn't know me, wrote a YukixKyou lime. And it was good. Very how it would be in my mind. If one insists on being realistic. I liked. I liked a lot. And I'm too tired to say anything really intelligent about it. But I liked. Even if it did lack Yuki in the fluffy Sakura dress that I put him in in the picture I did. But that's okay, since that would be highly un-canonical. But fun, 'cause the dress suits Yuki -really- well. No, really, it does, I swear! Yuki-kun chou kawaii . . .

What was the point of this?

Fruits Basket yaoi. It's incestuous. It's wrong and rather out of character (except for ShigurexAyame, ShigurexAkito, and HatorixAyame). And I want more.

I am not a sl0re.

11/14/2001 10:19:16 PM
I so deny any blame for this.

Just because I -happened- to make a list of all the men I could think of in anime and manga who smoke (Seishirou, Yuki Eiri (as opposed to the ten thousand other Yuki's out there), Shigure, Hatori) and -happened- to note that they could all be seen to be in homosexual relationships with other men (Subaru, Shuichi, Akito, Ayame) and could be seen as the seme's in the relationship and they're all older and less feminine looking (although I still think Yuki looks like he has mascara on in the opening) than their partners and cigarettes are a fine example of symbolic phalisism . . . But beyond that everything, particularly the conversation in question, is Bell-sama's fault. Entirely. Utterly.

11/14/2001 04:09:47 PM
The main thing that sucks about me being in a writing mood, besides the fact that I seem to only do it for sado-masochistic and exhausting pleasure, is that I can't do -anything- if I have an idea in my head.


I hope all . . . ~counts slowly and carefully~ two of you who read the crap I write are happy that I was unable to do anything of use in mathematics, physics, or history. I hope you're happy! Not that I've written anything since last night but that doesn't matter. It's the irritating vampiric plot bunnies of hell that cause the distraction, not the actual writing process.

11/14/2001 12:29:11 PM
Lost my Eyes to a WinAmp Skin One of my favourite archives of anime skins and now possessing the, um, honour, of having the only Fruits Basket skins I've ever seen on the net. And they're good!!! Go download them!


11/13/2001 09:44:49 PM
Duncan Campbell Scott's Top Seven "Dead Indian" Poems (from Bastards and Boneheads)

A withered old Indian woman recalls with lip-smacking glee the pleasures she once took in slitting enemy throats, when "her long knife flashed" and "drank its fill" of blood.

"The Onondaga Madonna"
A woman of that "weird and waning race" suckles a "primal warrior" with gleaming eyes. This short poem, long considered a classic of Canadian literature, describes the Natuve woman as "a tragic savage" with "pagan passions" who thrills at war and has "wildness in her veins."

"At Gull Lake"
A young Indian woman is tortured, mutilated and thrown over a river-bank "like a dead dog," after having been held down by a pack of withered old women who burned her eyes out with red-hot coals.

"Indian Place Names"
The Indians, those "dusky folk," have vanished. Gone forever. But they did leave a lot of nifty place names behind, so it wasn't all for naught.

"The Forsaken"
This has got to be one of the worst poems ever written, or, at the very lesat, the worst poem ever written by a respected literary figure. In it, an Indian woman baits a fish hook with her own flesh in order to feed her starving child. Years later, as a withered old woman, she is abandoned in the woods by her people "without a word of farewell." Why? "Because she was old and ueless." She dies. Of course.

"Powassan's Drum"
An angry, wizened Indian filled with hatred, his eyes burning through his eyelids, drags a severed head through murky water while storm clouds boil over and his war drum throbs and the wind blows and lightning flashes and hail falls and so on and so forth.

"On the Way to the Mission"
An Indian trapper is stalked and killed by evil whites intent on stealing what they think is a pack of furs but which actually turns out to be the corpse of the dead Indian's wife, which he was carrying to the mission cemetery to be buried. The poem is a kind of "two dead Indians for the price of one" affair.

What's the point of this? Well, one - I hope I never have to read Canadian poetry, because Scott is considered one of the good poets and two - crazy people held power in Canada, and continue to hold power in Canada.

Duncan Campbell Scott was the head of the Department of Indian Affairs in the 1910s and, I believe, the 1920s. Yay Canadian history! You learn stuff! That's pointless! And the book Bastards and Boneheads makes it morbidly funny. Whee!

Oh yes, one more thing.

Honourable Mention in the Bad Poem Category: "Dirge for a Violet." Which begins "Here was a happy flower / Born in sun and shower." The flower dies.

11/12/2001 06:52:26 PM
Gaagh. Such a pain to go around getting a new e-mail address. Damn you, shaw! Damn you!!!!!!

Ahem. The new e-mail is ingrid-blythe@shaw.ca ^_^

11/12/2001 10:44:10 AM
I think my blog's schizophrenic nature can be blamed on the fact that it's hosted by geocities, which, as we all no, is one of the most hellspawn things ever seen, Katelynne-san.

And yes, I am a rabid hater of That Person and Those Books. So rabid that I will change the channel whenever a commercial featuring Him comes on and will stab viciously at newspaper articles that mention It.

I used to think I'd give the books a chance, once the hype died, but as it shows no sign of dying . . .

Besides, the fact that She won a Hugo for It makes the hype beyond acceptable and now I'll probably never read it. Something that can turn the Hugos into a farce like the Oscars . . . ~shudders~ Never, ever, ever.

Especially since my beloved Diana Wynne Jones never got the slightest acknowledgement for her books, and now probably never will.

"If you need something to read after Harry Potter . . ." indeed! ~snarls~

~end min-rant~

11/12/2001 08:03:21 AM
I think I've become the paintron saint of unpopular couples.

Kamui and Keiichi (canonical X)

Fuuma and Keiichi (fanon X)

And, of course, my new wistful favourit - Sohma Akito and Sohma Shigure of Fruits Basket . . . And whether they're canon or not is anyone's guess. Damn you and your obscure manipulative comments, Shigure! Damn you!