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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


11/10/2001 11:49:56 AM
Wow, I never knew playing with photoshop could be so addictive! ~sparkles~ My first wallpaper!

11/9/2001 08:31:35 PM
Et tu, This Hour Has Twenty-Two Minutes? I cannot even take refuge from That Thing in watching you?

11/9/2001 06:06:07 AM
Oh yes, I love the new layout you did for Katelynne-san's page, Bell-sama. It's -so- sparkly and sekkushi and very pink but not pink . . . The shininess burns my retina. But I can't stop looking at it. Must . . . stop . . . staring . . .

And you know, dear, after making a layout involving a genderless bioroid with the memories of a small girl, it was only a small step to making a layout involving a transgendered super hero sort.

And I like the way Ingridlicious sounds.

11/9/2001 06:00:14 AM
Nee, Katelynne-san I can think of people far worse than dear Bell-sama to go with to That movie. Yours truly is probably the only rampant Harry Potter hater in existance. I am currently boycotting That series and everything to do with it. Won't touch the books with a ten foot poll, change the channel whenever one of those hideous commercials comes on, feel tempted to arson whenever I see cheesy merchandise lining my once-beloved bookstores . . .

No, I won't read the slash either.

11/7/2001 12:02:25 PM
If I don't get word that my schedule's been fixed soon, I will snap. It's not fun getting your schedule at nine in the morning, only to see that you've somehow been enrolled in French 30, Biology 30, Biology 30, and Calculus with a fifth period spare, when you're supposed to have French 30, Biology 30, spare, Calcullus, and Independent French Immersion.

Damn beauratic organizations . . .

11/7/2001 07:37:03 AM
Finally, we have know. All is right with the world again. Although I'm sure it will melt by this afternoon.

Oh yes, yesterday morning was quite . . . interesting. ~twitches~ Imagine, if you will, the joy you experience while having a nice warm relaxing shower, and knowing you have an hour before you need to start getting ready for school.

And then your mother calls and tells you to get out of the shower so you can go to piano lessons instead of your brother. In fifteen minutes. At 7:30 in the morning . . .

Not cool at all. At least I got candy from my piano teacher. ~hugs candy~ And apparently Guthrie's expression when he was told he'd be going to piano tonight was quite priceless. I wish I'd been there. It might have made my pain worthwhile.

11/6/2001 07:34:34 PM
Oh sparkle sparkle! Shankoo very much Bell-sama!!! ~huggles Bell-sama and episode three and four of X~

Ahem. Now - thoughts and rambles and rampant speculation caused by these two episodes. :) Spoiler time! Wai!

Okay, how painful do we have to make Kotori's eventual death? We all saw the OAV. We know she's going to be impaled on that cross by her brother. So what do we get? Painful foreshadowing! Over what? Indigo dye . . . Eeesh. "It takes ten or twenty years to get it really good, but it's so beautiful I'm going to try working at the place that makes them this summer vacation . . ." (highly paraphrased) And all those anguished looks from Kamui. Does he -know- Kotori-chan's slated for the chopping block?

And until that scene, I thought she was being majorly cut out of the whole thing. I still think she is. I -like- Kotori. She's sweet and fragile and lovely and more than a bit insane at the end. But with her being completely cut out of the whole Kamui-is-horribly-mauled-by-Daisuke-and-brought-to-the-Monou-house-to-recover-and-Kamui-and-Kotori-share-sparkly-bubble-things . . .

I love shounen-ai! I do! And I'm happy that the shounen-ai has not been cut out of the series. But just because you have shounen-ai doesn't mean you have to neglect canonical heterosexual action! Oh well . . .

I like Fuuma's purple-red-pretty eyes. But is the basketball like the batsignal for Kamui? Evil!Fuuma should just hang around bouncing a basketball in a court somewhere to get Kamui to him to molest . . . Although I'm guessing the basketball is being used for symbolic purposes. You know. Kamui. Fuuma. Throwing a basketball between. It drops. Bounce, bounce, bounce . . . Weird reveltation/vision of them fighting to death over Tokyo and both look horrified and shocked. And the basketball bounces along . . . Symbolizing the earth, yeah?

I -like- Nataku's girliness. It's a cute genderless bioroid with a pretty cute Syaoran-kun-voice. It makes it a more sympathetic creature, seeing it looking so young and innocent.

Why isn't Monou dead? Is he going to end up like Nataku's grandfather, dragged away from a huge scary battle and left to die the death of the forgotten?

And where are the lesbian mothers, dammit? I like the lesbian mothers!! Did Saya just not -tell- her husband about being in love with Kamui's mommy? But he knew about everything. And he says it's because she married into his family . . . So is there no lesbian mothers?

And Saya dying in the hospital, surrounded by doctors, is something I find quite creepy. And I wonder . . . I wonder if she gave birth to both shinken. Only she didn't die during the first time and therefore the shinken is more . . . complete. More proper? And that Kotori's the shinken? That Kamui will wield? And that's why she has to die? That's her destiny? You know, beyond dying and going totally bonkers . . .

Okay, stop looking at me strangely. I know Tokiko shows up in episode four but I thought of the idea before then, and even during then, despite the fact, 'cause it's a neat idea. I think. Besides, if Tokiko gives birth to the shinken like she does in the manga, why does it make that one more suited to Kamui than the one Saya gave birth to?

Am I making any sense?

Other random thought - I'm glad Kanoe does look pretty in the tv series. The few shots of her in the OAV made it look like she'd been horribly mauled like she had been in the movie. I -like- Kanoe. Pretty pretty Kanoe.

And - I like Sorata's voice. I think it suits him. It grows on you. I approve. So nyah to everyone who must complain about everything.

Even more and - I like Kamui's golden eyes!!!!! So buuuuu to you, rabid fan nitpickers!

11/6/2001 04:19:09 PM
Dracman you must consider the pros and cons of working in the postal industry.

Money - pro.

Work against those bastards who mislable packages and make people pay fifty-five dollars for them and someday you may be able to kill them softly while they don't expect it - pro.

School? - pro/con.

Going postal - con.

Going postal on those bastards who mislable packages - pro.

11/6/2001 04:14:06 PM

I have conquered the wickedness that is commonly referred to as the Physics Test on Friction and Universal Gravitation.

Well, okay, probably it's not commonly referred to as anything. But I've conquered it. Or at least sat down, written it, and now can relax for the next week.

More or less.

So what if I have a math test tomorrow. I dismiss it with a wave of my mighty hand. Matrices are laughably easy. And so I shall not stress over it. Instead, I shall snuggle happily in my blanket, catch up with much neglected stuff, and perhaps, if I feel the urge, watch some anime in anticipation for my five day long weekend.

Mmmm. Weekendlicious.

11/5/2001 07:01:57 PM
One of the things I truly loath in life are teachers who tell you things are due for a day, and so you neglect studying for your very hard physics test on friction and universal gravitation in favour of actually doing the test, and then said teachers don't actually ask you for said homework.

I growl angrily.

And if my brother wasn't such a mentally decrepit little pile of rotting yaks kidneys, I might actually be able to study up here.

11/4/2001 08:35:07 PM
Woohoo! Sometimes, classes that aren't english that ask you to write something rock. Even if they do end up with one writing short pieces of probable trash.

But, I actually like how Limbo turned out.

Even if it did keep me from even glancing at my physics. >_<

11/4/2001 08:22:03 PM
Anime and manga make the bad things go away.

Like this! Which contains spoilers for volume three of the Fruits Basket manga.

Particularly the following extract, which makes me sparkle madly:

The scene changes and we see Akito who says "Shigure... You've come." Shigure replies that it's because he wanted to see him, and Akito says that isn't it to be expected? Shigure bends down towards Akito and says "Of course... because you're my... most important person."

Dude, I was so being not-serious when I suggested Akito and Shigure were in love . . .

But this makes me sparkle sooooooooo much! Even though it seems very Wrong, it's still makes me sparkle like mad!

Although I'm sure it will turn out that it's not really what it seems and Shigure is being Mysterious and somehow using Akito for his own purposes.

11/4/2001 01:41:49 PM
Now I know why some people are so violently opposed to religion.

I have never been so tempted to walk out of a service before in my life. And I've heard a lot of bullshit in the past. I should have just turned the microphone off and walked out. Why didn't I? Stupid stupid stupid stupid . . .

You do not expect a sermon condemming homosexuality in the United Church. For the unaware, the United Church is one of the few (the only?) Christian denominations that will ordain practising homosexuals. Like, they can be ministers and stuff. And on the eighteenth, we'll be getting a new minister, finally. Who is gay.

We so don't need this kind of shit right now.

I'm glad to see some people gained the senses and walked out. Most people seemed to have wanted to.

God, what an asshole. I'm so damn angry right now . . .