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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


11/3/2001 04:07:02 PM
Studying's fun!!

At least, it is if you can study while talking to a friend who can make problems concerning universal gravitation relate to Gravitation.

I love you, Bell-sama!

But I will never poke your eye out with my frozen hair.

11/3/2001 12:00:15 PM
Done! At 5065 words! Which brings me to a total of . . . 42 262 words over the course of twelve chapters.

Dude . . .

Now maybe I can get some real work done. Like actually study for that physics test next week. >_<

11/3/2001 10:34:03 AM
3591 words. And now I have to clean the bathroom. ~shudder~ My mother doth not inspire me with self-confidence concerning my future these days.

11/3/2001 09:40:50 AM
2880 words and counting . . .

11/2/2001 08:33:43 PM
God, I've missed Jerry Boyle.

11/2/2001 05:10:31 PM
My head hurts. I wonder if I should take medication for it . . .

Inspired by the . . . insanity of National Novel Writing month, I decided to count how much I've written of my current ongoing novel-like, but not a novel, really, story. Curious? Of course not.

Which is why I'm going to write all about it here.

Chapter One - 1481 words
Chapter Two - 1551 words
Chapter Three - 3920 words
Chapter Four - 2984 words
Chapter Five - 4113 words
Chapter Six - 2684 words
Chapter Seven - 6370 words
Chapter Eight (the one with Uula in the apron) - 4969 words
Chapter Nine - 2468 words
Chatper Ten - 3522 words
Chapter Eleven - 3135 words
Chapter Twelve - 2287 words and growing

This brings us to a grand total of 39 484 words. Which, scarily enough, is just a bit over 20 000 words away from the goal of those participating in the kamikaze novel writing.

11/1/2001 11:56:47 AM
I'm pissed off at the disorganization that is my school.

I make plans to stay at school over lunch, for the purpose of getting non-existant help to apply for scholarships.

What do they do?

Move it to tomorrow . . . Bastards.

On a more amusing note, in both my morning classes, one-third of the students were missing. Of course, there are only three people in my Math B30 class, but that's not the point!

10/31/2001 09:46:10 PM
The power went off three times this afternoon in quick succession. While I was sitting here eating my lunch. It was weird. Very weird. And as soon as I got up to leave, it came back on . . . I'm cursed, I tell you.

But! I found MP3s of Erik Satie's three Gymnopedies. Wheeeee! Pretty! Beautiful!

I did end up going out. Being around people. Who thought I was a whimp for leaving at nine but I'm so tired . . . ~yawns~ Sarri, who was dressed as Angua, insisted on everyone being in costume. So I wore a plastic rat ontop of my head. It worked for me. Thea was a mutilated Barbie doll. Very believeable. Almost disturbingly so. Piddley (Sarri's mom) wore a Star Trek uniform thing. Jen was, um, Olivia Newton-John???? Caitlin was a wood elf druid thing, with fake leaves. Megan was a water elemental. And Poodie (Sarri's dad) was Duck Man! Wai! Duck Man!

Ahem. Anyways, I guess it was interesting, as those things go. I mostly watched people fix up their costumes and stuff. And ate pizza. I'm so damn tired though . . . My eyes hurt. Blagh . . .

I should be in bed. Why aren't I? Baka . . .

In final news, I changed my desktop for tomorrow. It's very pink. Very very pink. Soft pink and dark pink and bright pink . . . It's got a picture of Kamui in the background. Kamui. Pink. I think most of us can figure out which picture this is.

10/31/2001 05:24:24 PM
So, it's Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

I think.

There's really only one problem.

There is no snow. None. There is no snow. It is October 31st. And there is no snow. When I was a small child and went trick-or-treating, I had to wear a bloody snowsuit over my costume, or five layers of clothing below it. Now, it's warm enough to go out without my suede jacket on. Although my fingers are sore now. But not majorly. I still live.

Dammit, these kids have it easy.

What do they get instead of snow? Freezing. Rain. And it's all gone by now anyway. Lucky little buggers. It's not fair, really.

Oh yes, for reference, walking on a sidewalk, up a hill, coated by frozen rain, -sucks-. Don't try it. It is concussion causing weather.

In other Halloween related news, I have been invited to a party. -Not- the Snake Dance (more on that later) but a party at the house of a friend. Who now actually lives in Saskatoon but is coming up for Halloween. I think. If the freezing rain hasn't scared them away. And I have been told to come under pain of decapitated Barbies at my door. Really, it's true. And Sarri's dressing up as Angua from the Watch books and someone else is being Bill Door . . .

So I may go later tonight. Maybe. If only to see the costume.

And now . . . the Snake Dance!

The annual tradition amongst the teens of Prince Albert to go to a party at the armoury, get roaring drunk before and during, despite the fact that alcohol is prohibited, and dance while people trash their cars outside, and then dance and drink some more, while the people who were trashing their cars come inside and trash the dancers.

It's crowded, loud, someone always gets limbs broken, people get drunk enough to puke, someone's car gets totalled, the police get involved . . . And, of course, all my classmates are going.

Isn't being a teenager -fun-?

10/31/2001 05:06:46 PM
I have now just explained the Schrodinger's cat experiment.

To the same person I explained the Black Rose arc ending to.

I hope her head hurts as much as mine does.

10/31/2001 07:00:07 AM
I just explained the Black Rose arc of Utena to someone. My heart hurts. >_<

10/31/2001 06:40:35 AM
After finally wrestling Idiot Road from Guthrie, I listened to it in bed last night.

There's a line in Boy Band that makes me think of Gravitation. "We're not popular here, but we're big in Japan." Although the rest of the song doesn't even come near to applying to Bad Luck. I hope.

And I realized something about We Are the Beaver. Not only is it bilingual (Nous sommes le castor) but it's also a nationalistic Canadian song. And, here's the important bit, it's nationalistic without making fun of Americans. Dude, the possibilities.

10/30/2001 09:36:30 PM
The weirdest little things can spark the oddest ideas. And the oddest ideas can spark the most rambling, inane of fictional works.

"If Jon had Falcon for a dad, he might have turned out so sweet!" - Fio. Spawned, to date, a short story, a ballad, and the beginning of The Startredder War Epic (part of the Great Startredder War Epic can also be blamed upon Fio, yet again, and her summer suggestion of Luke Cooper in armour). Not to mention a really depressing alternate universe to explain the point of the short story.

"Write a story about Aura." - Em. Spawned about sixty pages worth of shounen-ai, angst, and pseudo-orientalism. And still going . . .

"It's so neat being on a level twelve world!" - Fio, through Gregor. I really didn't think this would cause anything. But . . . it has. Well, not yet. But the idea lives. It lives! Yes boys and girls, even -more- shounen-ai. Thankfully older than the stuff in the above neverending story . . .

And I don't know if there's a direct quote for this, but Bell-sama can definitely be blamed for the KeiichixFuuma madness. And the doujinshi and fanfic and webpage that will probably be spawned. And the fanart that has been comitted. She can also be blamed for Yuki in a dress. But so can the person who plays Ayame in Sohma House. But essentially Bell-sama, because she gave be a file full of pictures to use for references. And it's her musings on the sunset scene in that one episode of Fruits Basket that sparked the wistful desire for Fruits Basket yaoi. Anything at all! Really! I'm not picky! KyouxYuki, HatsuharuxYuki, AkitoxYuki, ShigurexAyame, HatorixAyame, HatorixShigurexAyame, ShigurexAkito (don't. ask) . . . Okay. Maybe this is a sign that I need sleep. But . . . But the seiyuu incest! Kyou (Shindou Schuichi in Gravitation) and Hatori!! Hatori was Yuki Eiri (Shuichi's lover) in Gravitation.

Conclusion to this disjointed ramble?

Seiyuu incest is fun.

My brain should be locked up where it can't send impulses to write to my fingers.

Yuki looks good in frilly lilac gowns.

My piano teacher looks like a butch lesbian from Oniisama E

10/30/2001 07:36:11 PM
Bell-sama no one likes a gloater. >_< ~sulks~ It -sounded- like Koyasu Takehito. Be smug. Go ahead. ~sniffs~

10/30/2001 12:11:18 PM
If I think of one more idea for a story that's longer than five pages, would someone please rip my brain out of my skull?

10/29/2001 01:40:48 PM
Well, that was a complete and total waste of time.

We get in Saskatoon at 10:30 and go have breakfast. Breakfast was good and there was hotchocolate with whipped cream on it, which is of goodness. We got out of there at 11. Dearest father then told us that he had to go and order something from Phase Two Photography. So we wait in the car for twenty minutes.

He finally returns from the black hole of photoshops and we drive to the Saskatoon Inn. We trudge through crowds of noisy, smoking teenagers, and get inside. We take a schedule.

The school the further east was McGill. GAH!!!!!! Damndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamn! The University of Guelf wasn't there either. The University of Prince Edward Island wasn't there. And the University of Saskatchewan was there, but they weren't offering any information about their vetrinary program. Every other bloody course program under the sun, but not the vetrinary medicine one.

I wasted my morning, and it took us about ten minutes to get out of the horrible disorganized mess that was the Saskatoon Inn.

Bastards. Feel my wrath.

But! I'm home now! ~cracks knuckles~ I'm home, it's quiet, I'm fed, and I fancy I shall commit fanart to entertain myself.

10/29/2001 07:57:44 AM
Long weekend Monday! Long weekend Monday! Long weekend Monday! Yaaaaaaaaay!

Although the fact that I actually have to go and do stuff severely decreases the happiness factor.

I'll be going with my parents to Saskatoon in a little bit, to scope out out of province universities. Hopefully the place I -want- will have a display there. If not, I'm going to be totally wasting my morning. ~scowl~

At least I'm not stuck there the entire day, like I would be if I went with the school. With my parents, I should be back a bit after noon. Yay! Then I can do more wrong fanart!

10/29/2001 07:55:13 AM
I'm a bad bad person. Not only have I drawn Sohma Yuki in a dress, but I've coloured said picture. And then, to make it look even more hopelessly soft and sappy, I blurred it in photoshop.

And now, I have ideas for about three other pictures of Yuki. All in the dress.

No, I'm not going to provide a link for it on my blog. I'd rather not have people hounding me for my blood. If anyone links it, it'll probably be Bell.

It's all her fault, I swear.

10/28/2001 07:21:09 PM

Archive works! Archive works! Archive works! Archive works!

Thank you Mike!!!!!!!! ~hughughughughughughug~