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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


10/27/2001 02:30:49 PM
Why does everyone hate Akio?

~listens to the echoes~

I'm serious. I mean, besides the obvious fact that Akio is a scum sucking son of a bitch who deserves to have his ass kicked . . . Why does everyone hate him? I mean no one likes him. No one! Why do people hate -him-? There's far worse characters in the anime and manga world out there. Seishirou, anyone? Now yes, Seishirou's sexy, and yes, he's a CLAMP character, but think about it! The guy is actually pretty flat as characters go. Please, try and forget whatever fannon version of Seishirou is floating around in your head. Seishirou in fanfic is rarely Seishirou in Tokyo Babylon/X.

There's little more to canon Seishirou besides being really damn sexy and a heartless murdering bastard. There -isn't- anything else. If there is, I'm totally missing it.

Unending sick S&M like devotion to Subaru-kun? Well, up until I saw the December ASUKA, I'd have said that was fanfic too. But, certainly if Fuuma's telling Subaru the truth, Seishirou -was- sickly obsessed with him.

But how's it different from Akio? Why do people love Seishirou and hate Akio?

The incest thing with Akio and Anthy? Check out Seishirou's side-story.

The fact that Akio isn't molesting beautiful young bishounen? You'd put something past Akio? Get real. The guy would have probably taken Tsuwabuki in The Car if he'd had the chance. And Touga's practically Akio's bitch in some episodes.

The fact that he isn't a CLAMP character? Dude, sad though it is to admit it, CLAMP does not hold a monopoly on really good looking characters. And, despite what Bell-sama may say, Akio doesn't really look like a horse. I don't think. He's quite good looking.

So why dammit, why why why! Does everyone, even evil anime villain sl0res, hate Akio?

Is it because he's actually got a bit more depth than some Evil Bastards? As much as I dislike the guy, I still sympathize with him. What?! I do! Dios looks to have been a fairly selfless, if rather stupid, sweetheart, who's innocence was corrupted when his sister Anthy became the witch to protect him.

In fact, now that I think of it, isn't Dios rather similar to Subaru? And Anthy to Hokuto? Yes, I need sleep, but think about it. Anthy, in a way, sacrifices herself because she doesn't want anything to happen to Dios. Hokuto sacrifices herself to keep Subaru from having Seishirou's hand shoved through his chest. Dios was an innocent, kind person who did some kind of serious saving of peoples asses, but became corrupted because of his sister's sacrifice and turned into Akio, the End of the World. Suabru was an innocent, kind person who did some serious saving of peoples asses, but became corrupted when Seishirou betrayed him and his sister sacrificed herself for him, and turned into X!Subaru, clutcher of eyeballs in jars.

Yes, I need more sleep, but the point remains that, um . . . Akio is a bastard, and I don't like him, but I can still feel sorry for him. Seishirou is a bastard, and he's sexy, but I don't like him at all. They're both evil and manipulative but . . . come on! Seishirou! It's an eternal mystery, I guess.

And no, Bell, I'll probably never form any conclusions about Utena. So there. ~sticks out tongue~

10/26/2001 08:41:05 PM
Dude, if anyone can help me make this damn archive work, I'd be eternally greatful. Really I would. Really!

10/26/2001 08:16:58 PM
Despite the fact that this woman is supposed to be very popular, I don't know anyone personally who's a fan of her.

Bif Naked? Heard of her? Didn't think so. Damn you.

Anyways, apparently she's a very popular alternative rock star right now. And her father happens to go to our church. He's a pretty cool guy, done missionary work to India and Africa and stuff. Only they aren't called missionaries now. Or something. But he's still cool. And when his daughter's done her current tour, she might come and visit him.

My mother and I just saw her on Twenty-Two Minutes, showing her tattoos to Greg Thomey. We've decided if she comes to church with her father, we're going to try to get her into the choir. Between two of our most rigid and irritating old bat sopranos. ^_^

10/25/2001 09:13:30 PM
I have no self control. I am now going to attempt to watch the final episodes of Utena. If I'm a gibbering, nonsensical idiot tomorrow, this is why. Too much Utena makes your brain explode.

10/25/2001 08:17:39 AM
For a while there I was afraid I might actually start -liking- Akio.

However, the sight of Akio prostrating himself half-naked ontop of The Car for Touga to take pictures of, practically jacking off for Touga, in episode thirty-five, has hopefully guaranteed that no matter what happened to Akio/Dios in the past, I shan't be feeling a great deal of fondness for his character anytime soon.

10/25/2001 06:17:43 AM
MindFuck ahoy!!

That's right! I finally got ahold of episode thirty-three of Utena! Yatta! I love you Bell-sama! And in the wee hours of the morning, I've watched it and episode thirty-four. On thirty-three, all I can say is . . . I can't believe I waited weeks for -that-! What a rip off.

On episode thirty-four on the other hand . . .

Wow. That kicked some major ass. That kicked indescribable ass. That was such a huge bloody MindFuck. My head's still reeling from it all. I was beginning to get a guess of what was going on in the first scene pretty much. Akio asking Anthy "Why do you continue to torment me?" or whatever (I'm not ready to watch it again to get an exact quote) sounded kind of, um, odd. The wrong person saying the wrong thing. Could those little gross glimpses we've been given of Anthy and Akio doing . . . stuff be not quite what they appeared to be? Is Anthy more in control of Akio?

Well, I don't know if that's exactly how it is, even after watching the entire episode, but things certainly seem to suggest that . . . Fine, I didn't realize Akio was the End of the World until a few episodes ago. I'm slow, okay? I thought if was Touga screwing with everyone. I know better now. But I was still convinced that Dios, the wonderful bishounen who saves Utena's ass in almost all of the duals, was something completely different. You know, -not- Akio. Utena's prince. The guy who saved her. Which wasn't Akio. I was so sure. And dammit! They had to go mess it up! It was obvious from the shadow girl's play that Anthy was the witch they were talking about. Who imprisoned her brother? Who was the light and the rose prince? But Akio's her brother, and he -can't- be the rose prince. That's Dios! So could the Rose Bride, the Rose Prince, and the End of the World all be siblings?

Damn. I -hate- being wrong. Why do the creators of Utena constantly have to throw me for a loop? Why!!!!

I love it.

I really didn't think Dios and Akio would turn out to be the same person. I really didn't think they would. But they are. Sort of. Akio/The End of the World is like Dios gone bad? Dios without the light? But Dios is still around. Sort of. He got . . . out? And was able to show Utena the imprisoned Anthy? Who's his sister, but he can't save because she is his sister, and he can only save princesses. Or could only save princessse.

So Utena being a prince means she could possibly free Anthy from her eternal torment. If Anthy believes in her. And if Utena frees Anthy, does she also free Dios?

But . . . between the combined efforts of Touga and Akio, they seem to be driving her away from Anthy. Trying to keep her from being Anthy's prince and being close to her. So Akio's tormented by Anthy, some how, it seems, but with the way he's treating Utena, it's like he doesn't want Dios to be freed. Which is him. Only younger . . . I think.

Dude, my head hurts.

At least this explains Akio's presence in Mikage's flashbacks during the Black Rose Arc.


Damn, I've been doing too many of these spoiler filled rambles lately. I should stop. But it's so fun . . .

10/24/2001 07:36:55 PM
Now? In the continuation of procrastination from studying for history I shall ramble about the book I read for English. I'm not actually supposed to be done reading it. But I am. Bad Ingrid. Bad capable of reading Ingrid. So, I'm going to rant and ramble about it. And, on the off chance someone out there -wants- to read Free Reign a Canadian suspense novel by Rosemary Aubert, I'll have it made invisible for your enjoyment. 'cause, I'm sure, lots of people out there want to read it and will be able to find copies of it in their public libraries. Riiiiiiight.

Okay! Free Reign. It's called a suspense story, but it isn't, really. It's about a homeless bum in Toronto named Ellis Portal. I'm serious. Once he was a lawyer. And a judge. And then he became an alcoholic and assaulted this woman and got tossed into the nut house. He's, like, fifty-five years old. And he finds a severed black hand outside his little homeless hovel one morning. Wearing this gold ring that's identical to one Ellis and four lawyer friends of his got when they first became lawyers. There's Stow, who's a rich snooty goodlooking bugger, and Ellis total rival. A super gorgeous redheaded woman named Harpur (why are all the gorgeous women who men lust after redheads with flashing green eyes?). Then the two interesting members of this team with their pretty gold rings: Gleason, who happens to be killed in a car crash thirty years before the story even starts, and William, who . . . isn't. And he's Gleason's lover. Gay gay gay! Refreshing in a school book.

There's a whole bunch of stuff with flashbacks and hookers and speculation and homeless people and whatnot and girls vanishing from a hostel that's owned by Stow and Harpuer, who end up getting married. Anyways, in the end the reader finds out that the black hand belongs to an undercover cop named Matt West, who was also William's lover, after Gleason'd been dead and buried for a while. We're told Matt isn't "dead" the hand was just cut off by a totally nutty Harpur, who's suffering from severe dementia and Alzheimers. And Stow's been using the unborn children of the pregnant teenagers from the hostel to provide tissue for shady procedures to try and cure Harpur. Which doesn't work that well after a while. And Ellis finds this out and confronts Stow and . . . that's that. We never find out if Matt's really alive or in a coma or if he recovers or anything. We don't find out what happens to William after he disapears after telling Ellis all about Stow's evilness. We don't find out -anything-! It's just Stow explains All to Ellis, and Ellis does nothing. In the next chapter Ellis has an actual job, finds out that technically he's still a judge, there's suggestions of a romance blossoming between him and a much younger woman, but he's also still married, and he's reunited with his daughter. Dude, that ending -sucked-.

10/24/2001 06:31:36 PM
Woohoo! X episode two! Shankoo Bell-sama!!!

Okay, since I know some of you are really uptight about spoilers in any shape and form. You know who you are. So the following ramble can be read by being highlighted.

~sparkles~ I -love- this. It's so X but . . . not X. Kotori has an Attitude. It's definite. She hasn't shown any of the signs of heart problems or being, you know, mentally unstable, and isn't all dreamy-eyed obsessive over "Kamui-chan." I liked Kotori in the manga, but this interpretation of her rocks too. And she and Fuuma, have, like -lives- and stuff. Well, Kotori always had a life in the manga, sort of, but Fuuma didn't really. But now . . . mmm! Basketball!

Sorata's voice is growing on me. I kind of like it and it's flucuations in pitch. It seems to suit him. And it's certainly . . . distinctive, which Sorata's should be, nee? One of the few truly genki characters in the realm of death and depression.

And Kamui . . . Woo, his dipiction should be pleasing those people whining about his "damsel in distress" attitude since X nine or so . . . I wonder if it's the eyes? I somehow find myself not repulsed by their golden-browness. They're quite nice, really. They're Seishirou-like eyes. They add to Kamui's badass-ness. He's -so- cold. He hasn't shown even a glimmer of caring about Kotori and Fuuma. I wonder how they're going to lead him towards choosing the Dragons of Heaven at this rate. Certainly with the way he's been portrayed, the Dragons of Earth seems far more likely than the Dragons of Heaven. But it seemed that way in the manga, the first volume . . .

And Fuuma . . . Fuuma looks good. I don't care what anyone tries to say. Fine, so he's not as cool looking as he is when he's Evil!Fuuma in the manga, but no one's that cool. He's got The Shoes on in episode two. And he plays basketball. And, I dunno, he seems thoroughly less scary than he was supposed to be in the early bits of the manga. He -talks-. And he's the cutest little kid in Kotori's flashback. Total shounen-ai between him and Kamui. Of course, whether there's going to be even hintings of romance between Kamui and Kotori remains to be seen considering episode two took a detour from the manga after Kamui kicked Daisuke's ass . . . Anyways. Fuuma. Playing basketball. Goodness. But his eyes are purple. Fuuma has Kamui's eye colour, Kamui has Fuuma's. Now, we know from the OVA that Fuuma does go evil. And he looked to have brown-gold eyes in it. So, will Kamui have purple eyes of bishy goodness once he's become Good!Kamui?

So! This is what I'm doing. Instead of studying for my history test, I'm writing babbling blog entries. How lovely.

And I am -not- touching the December Asuka entry with a fifty foot poll at the moment. The weirdness. The hoakiness. The . . . wrongness. The sickness. The hopelessness. We do so love CLAMP, don't we?

10/24/2001 12:00:21 PM
I know it's winter when my hair freezes on the walk to school, and it's hard enough that I could poke someone's eye out with it.

10/23/2001 08:45:50 PM
I really hope I don't have a fever . . . I really really hope I don't. I think my brain's dripping out of my nose. Can any one body hold this much mucus?

In other less . . .um, gross news, I have a test. In history. On Thursday! Wheee! In which case, I really -do- hope I have a fever 'cause writing tests when ill sucks, although I have been lucky in the past . . .

My piano teacher gave me a blue gelly role pen tonight. I like gel pens. You can write on black paper with them. I write Life . . . in gel pen. 'tis fun and somehow soothing. And this one has a cushioned grip. Whee! No calluses!


Someone explain to me how I can get these results for character selector tests.

Fruits Basket - Sohma Akito

Tokyo Babylon - Sumeragi Subaru

X - Sumeragi Subaru

Tenshi ni Narumon - Mikael

Gravitation - Seguchi Tohma

. . .

Is it just me, or are these all, with the exception of Subaru, very evil manipulative sorts of guys? And they're all gay too. I swear, I don't have some kind of weird dissociative identity disorder. Honest . . .

10/22/2001 12:18:48 PM
Being sick sucks beyond description. It's not like when you're little and can stay home and watch cartoons while a parental unit waits on you hand and foot and worries over you. You can't afford to miss certain things in school, or you have to go to work because of a meeting, or something. And the fact that you feel like all bloody hell is not a fair exchange anyways, for not having to go to school.

10/21/2001 07:39:15 PM
People who show me pictures of things I don't have, and then won't tell me what the pictures mean because of spoilers are evil.

10/21/2001 06:54:28 PM
Episode twenty of Tenshi ni Narumon rocks beyond description. I -have- to addict people to this series, if only so they can watch episode twenty, and the final arc. And the Natsumi arc. The more people who become addicted, the more chances there are of getting fanfic written about Raphael and Mikael. -Good- fanfic. With a plot and stuff. Filling in those plotholes one could drive a tank through. And after episode twenty, you know you want to. You do you do you do. It's just soooooo sweet. And sad. And why, why why why -why-, does Raphael pursue a jerk like Mikael so ardently? Why? Poor Raphael-sama, you deserve a better boyfriend.

10/21/2001 06:43:55 PM
Keiichi is so cute. ~sighs happily~ Cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute! All must now bow and worship the greatness that is Bell-sama, for she hath madeth a blog layout, and hath made it well. I love Keiichi. ~sparkles like mad~ It is -not- frightening at all. Keiichi deserves admiration. Poor neglected unloved genki boy. ~sniffles~

10/21/2001 06:39:00 PM
Work blog work! Work blog work!

10/21/2001 01:22:39 PM
It's the little things in life that really make me want to snap. The fact that libraries and bookstores rarely carry anything by Diana Wynne Jones. The sentence 'After you read Harry Potter . . .' Rabid anythingists. People who voice their opinion solely for the purpose of making other people upset. English classes. Cliques. People with lives.

And some things make me want to cry and scream and cause everyone in the world severe bodily harm. Like one simple, tiny little fact: J. K. Rowlings won the fucking Hugo award for best novel. Someone, somewhere is going to suffer greatly for this.

I have a box of matches. My brother has a copy of one of those books downstairs. He never reads it. The temptation is so great . . .

10/21/2001 09:59:43 AM
I believe that the Arrogant Worms are the embodiment of everything good and Canadian. They're proud of to be Canadians, they love Canada, and they express it all by making up really weird songs about it and singing them.

These guys are so damn talented and no one seems to realize that they aren't just three funny, crazy, wacky guys. They're also really talented musicians. I don't think it's something people realize until they see them live. There's just the three guys, and one has a guitar, and one, sometimes, has a bass. That's it. And they sound -beautiful-. The Worms have such beautiful voices. They can make a song like I Am Cow (I am Cow, here me moo, I weigh twice as much as you, and I look good on the barbecue) sound like a bloody hymn or something. The albums may be getting some pretty cool back up music these days, but the live performances have Chris Paterson. Chris does this weird alternative interpretive dance thing while he sings. The guy's like rubber man or something. And he can stretch little bits of dialogue between choruses out into monologues, practically, and double the song's length. "Yeah, well, you get your head cold worsening carpet and you get your beige suit, which I'll gladly accept, by the way, because I look simply stunning in beige, and I'll . . . . I'll . . . I'll . . . I'll get Michael Jackson to come over to your house and he'll read outloud of his autobiography to you until you like it! And then he'll take a bath and bits of his nose will fall off and get caught in the drain like hair and that there bubbles the chimp will come over and then . . . and then . . . Every last one of the Backstreet Boys will make a solo album and you, Trevor Strong, will have to produce it!" That was his contribution to Wouldn't It Be Great if Everybody Had Guns more or less.

It was a great night. The day sucked, the night rocked. Despite having some teenagers sitting behind us who were -very- loud and liked to sing all the songs almost as loudly as the Worms were singing, and were generally obnoxious. We came to hear the Worms, not them. Some people . . .

Besides that, it was great though! The Worms can hold an audience with ease and somehow manage to keep from coming down and smashing their heads in for continuing to make loud noises during the chorus of Mounted Animal Nature Trail. They performed mostly old songs that seem to be staples of their concerts, like Carrot Juice is Murder, Last Saskatchewan Pirate, Celine Dione, The Gaelic Song, Malcom Solves his Problems with a Chainsaw, Jesus Brother Bob, and Rocks and Trees. They also sang a couple of their new songs, most memorable of which were Baby Poo, Idiot Road, and I Ran Away which I think is Rincewind the Wizard's new theme song . . .

After the show, my dad stole Mike McCormick's playlist . . . No, it won't be going up on e-Bay. Mum also got all their autographs on the cd insert thing. And told them that I thought she was stalker girl. And told Trevor she tried to find Terry's Taxidermi and Mounted Animal Nature Trail but couldn't. And Trevor told her the name had been changed. Very kind of him.

So. Everyone now has to go and watch the Arrogant Worms at the next opportunity, because they're cool guys and super talented and, besides that, very very cute for non-animated males. ^_^

But not as cute as Neil Gaiman.

10/21/2001 12:28:47 AM
An entire day in Saskatoon. Worms are good. Neil Gaiman is good. I just got home. Sleep will be good. Therefore I will ramble about the greatness that is The Arrogant Worms tomorrow.

For now, I shall go to sleep. But first, to put my laundry in the dryer, so I have pants tomorrow.