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scented // midnight rain

Is by Meimi, that wonderful Goddess who brings joy and happiness to the hearts of Ingrids.
This time, Meimi brought joy by doing a layout of Isumi Shinichirou and Waya Yoshitaka, of Hikaru no Go. It is full of wub.


10/20/2001 08:55:06 AM
Worms tonight! Worms tonight! Worms tonight! Worms toniiiiiiiiiiight!

Happy happy! I've only ever got to see the Arrogant Worms live once. Now I get to see them again and hopefully purchase copies of Idiot Road. Now please don't let my dad make that horrible horking noise that makes it sound like any minute he's going to cough up a lung that's all red and purple and bloody and coated in mucus . . .

I am -not- bouncy however. I feel quite sulky. Happy, but still sulky. I always get peevish if I can't write when I want to write for one reason or another. A father in the same room coughing and sneezing and horking up his lungs really makes it difficult to concentrate on a narrative properly . . . Damn him.

10/19/2001 08:26:30 PM
Random quote from a schoolmate . . .

SD (name abbreviated to protect the unfortunate) - 'It only takes a few seconds to please me.'

I'm a bad bad person and have a sick sick mind. I should be ashamed of myself. But I'm not.

10/19/2001 08:22:34 PM
Dave Foley, a living bishounen. When did he die his hair? He looks like one of my brother's friends with that spiked died blond hair and stubble. Was that an earring?

Ah well, it was Dave, and it was on Twenty-Two Minutes. Goodness. 'Where were you when we were on tv, audience?'

~eyes the silence of the readers~ Canadian television. You should probably ignore this entire entry.

Why, why why why did they replace Rick Mercer with Colin Mochrie? Why did Rick have to leave? I miss Rick. ~sniffles~ Colin's fine, but he doesn't have the same serious newsguyness to him. And he doesn't have the Streeters. And people know who he is outside of Canada. No one knows the names Ricker Mercer, Greg Thomey, Mary Walsh, and Cathy Jones outside of Canada . . . I miss Rick.

10/19/2001 11:48:29 AM
Dreams are truly weird. I'm never in my own dreams. Most recently, my dreams seem to be filled with things like Kitto and Uula making out. Or, once, Shuichi and Yuki making out.

However, a little while ago I had a dream about Kyou, the wearer of The Pants, from Fruits Basket. In it his other form, besides the cat, was revealed. He was a chicken. Some things don't bear thinking about.

10/19/2001 08:09:56 AM
~blush~ You're more than welcome to link my blog Katelynne-san. You're most kind.

After much serious discussion with Bell-sama concerining the permanent title of this blog, one has finally been settled on. Bell has made her opinion clear on 'Exploding George Bushes' ~pouts~ and I find 'An Excuse to Draw Fuuma's Shoes' highly inappropriate for a blog. Maybe for an art site . . .

'Fuuma's Shoes Cause Exploding Sheep' was considered and discarded, as was 'Exploding Sheep Ate Fuuma's Shoes' although it was greatly favoured. At least, a simple, normal, ordinary blog title was decided upon.

'Fuuma's Shoes.'

Why? Because my friend Mike made me a comic strip involving Kamui and Fuuma and one of the lines therein is 'Nice shoes, wanna ****?' (by Fuuma, not Kamui, but nevertheless . . .) And Fuuma's shoes are cool. Behold the shoeness of them.

So this blog shall henceforth be known as 'Fuuma's Shoes' until I think of something really really good.

But I'm not removing the 'Exploding Sheep' header until the first layout is up. ~nikoniko~

10/18/2001 06:42:50 PM
Well, my first tour of the University of Saskatchewan campus, and one I think I could have done without. I have such a bloody headache. Universities should really -not- try to appear cool and upbeat by jamming a lot of people into a gym and playing painfully loud music that makes the bleachers vibrate. It was also far far too long. With all the music and bands and bizarrely long breaks . . . If it weren't for that, I could have been there and left and been home by mid-afternoon. But, they did have doughnuts. I like doughnuts.

I am pleased, however. I got into the tour of the vetrinary college. It was very cool. I got to see baby alpacas, and lots of neat equipment, and sheep (intact and non-combustible), and cows (brown cows and Haru-cows . . . he does look like a cow), and horses, and goats, and skeletons, and a dead cow, and a dead horse, and a disected dog . . . I bet everyone wanted to hear -that-. I thought it was very cool and neat and is the fact that the smell of formaldahyde and urine and manure in beautiful combination do not make me retch a bad thing or a good thing?

We weren't allowed to go into the small animal areas because they'd be too crowded, but I guess that's okay. Just like any other small animal clinic, I'd guess.

I got to listen to a Haru-cow's heartbeat, but it was kind of hard to find. It had a heart murmur in one chamber, so you couldn't hear it on one side. The Haru-cow also licked my knee. Those things have damn big tongues. It felt very cool.

Also, watching all these people made me realize something. My peers aren't idiots. At least, they are no more idiots than university students, or workers, or anyone else anywhere. They're just like anyone else of any age, only with more hormones and more energy and less to worry about. Either this is a good thing, or a very very very bad thing.

I also got to see Thea! Thea is good! Thea is one of the few weird friends I have who keeps in touch with me. She was guiding people to the biotechnology tours. It was good being able to talk to someone weird and it sucks that she was in university when I finally got to high school. Damn the girl. So we aren't as close as we could be . . . Too bad. I might actually have a real life friend I could convert to anime. Maybe even yaoi. ^_^

In other thoughts . . . something about a capella groups just screams 'gay!!!' at me.

10/18/2001 06:52:53 AM
Ano . . . ~sweatdrops~ Katelynne-san I think the blog would be much scarier if I called it 'Exploding George Bushes' although the thought it much more pleasant than exploding sheep.

I should find that poem about combustible cows someone wrote for the school writing thingy bobber. It was weird . . .

I wonder how 'Fuuma's Shoes' would compare as a title to 'Exploding Sheep'?

10/18/2001 05:20:52 AM
Segawa Keiichi - a Card Captor Sakura escapee who's somehow landed in X. Genkiness on crack. He makes me sparkle like mad. As probably the only person in the world who has scans of Keiichi lying on her harddrive (thirty-three in total) I contemplate starting an image gallery. Hey, you never know, someone out there besides me must love Keiichi. Right?

~listens to the echoes~

Anyways, examining the selection of scans I've made, of both Keiichi and EvilFuumainJohnLennonGlasses, I've noticed something . . . Keiichi has more serious shots than EvilFuuma. EvilFuuma is smiling in almost every single one. But it's Keiichi's smileyness that sets people on edge . . . Does this mean that if Keiichi was an evil bastard who shoved poles in Kamui's leg, everyone would love him and be writing KeiichixKamui fanfic?

10/17/2001 09:09:54 PM
Why Exploding Sheep? 'cause I was just trying to set the damn account up and my mind was blank and the first thing that came into it was my most random phrase ever. 'Just like exploding sheep.' You think of weird things at 5:30 in the morning . . .

Be grateful. Be very very grateful. It could have been 'Fuzzy Pickle' which is what my dad says whenever he wants to make people smile in photos. Go on. Say it. Bet you can't keep a straight face.

Could have been 'Rocks and Trees' or 'I am the Beaver' or any other number of odd things. So always remember, look at the silver lining. 'Exploding Sheep' isn't that bad.

10/17/2001 08:56:56 PM
Must . . . not . . . write . . . wrong . . . fanfic . . .

10/17/2001 08:23:16 PM
You know, I haven't a bloody clue what to put here . . .

Tomorrow, I shall be leaving at 7:15 in the morning to go to the University of Saskatoon on a crowded bus full of loud teenagers . . . How I do so love my peers. I -may- be attending lectures on vetrinary medicine, biological science, and bursaries. Or, I may be stuck touring the dormitories and things. How indescribably tedious. If I do not get into the lectuer of vetrinary medicine, someone's head is going to roll. I pity the person sitting next to me on the bus.

Up point no matter what? I miss english class and the nasal droning of the being known as Elliot. And, hopefully, I shall have time to read American Gods which is very cool so far. And dark. And twisted. And morbid. And it has a scene that strikes me as rather smuttyish . . . although I didn't realize it until much later. Damn you, Neil Gaiman, for making me read smut, and writing it so well I wasn't repulsed! Not that I'm going to describe the scene or where it is in the book or anything (I'm on chapter . . . ten?) because, well, that would spoil it, nee? It also reminds me of Eight Days of Luke by Diana Wynne Jones. Who I know to be a good friend of Mister Gaiman's so I have to wonder . . .

~experiments with blog some more~

10/17/2001 08:10:58 PM
Someday I'm sure someone will kill me for the Wrong Wrong Fanart . . . But rest assured that the evil and wicked and bribing Bell-sama will suffer for making me break down and get one of these . . . things. ~waves hand about~

I'm glad I found this template. Exploding sheep. ~snerk~ It fits. I approve. It's fiery. I like fire . . .

10/16/2001 09:31:24 PM
This is Bell's fault . . .